Stonehearth First Play

I take a look at Stonehearth on my ‘First Play’ series which discusses game and UI design. Took me a little while to find a few things, but looking forward to playing more.

Think the biggest thing that took me a while to discover was how to specialize my workers, and that I need them to be specialized in order to accomplish certain tasks.


hey there @MikewareXGR … welcome aboard! :smile:

nice work on the “first play”… hope to see more from you as the game progresses! :+1:

Thanks Steve,

I played again after playing Banished and was intrigued by the comparisons. I’m liking both games a lot, but in different ways. It was hard to pinpoint down. I think there’s a bit more of a learning curve initially with Stonehearth. Looking forward to playing more though and figuring it out.

That video is here: