Stonehearth Emotions

I dont know why, but this game affects me emotionally, Before i knew anything about this game, i instantly fell in love with the villagers. After finally getting the game i seem to grow some sort of personal connection with each individual villager, not in the pet way, but in a family way (even the pets are family). As annoying as some of the Trapper’s pets are, i just cant bring myself to tell it to leave, and i feel a sharp pain in my heart when i watch a villager be killed by goblins (or recently, the Undead). Dont get me wrong, ive played some lots of games like this and i dont even flinch when something happens to the villagers, i dont care. but this game, this game makes me care, deeply. What ever you guys are doing, keep doing it! This is the Humanistic aspect that every game needs. and i say, Good Job!


Here here!

To be honest, my latest villager, Raine, she ran from the village as it was being attacked by the Undead from the latest update, I watched in despair as she ran farther from safety, not able to fight back, i watched her die, and i almost cried, even when i zoomed in on her tombstone and herd the beautiful piano music, it almost brought me to tears. This game hurts, but in a good way. :smile:

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If you feel that way now. … just wait until the game is finished! Better start stocking up on those tissues…

I am looking forward to the finished product

Good thing we shop at big box stores, have case of tissue :wink: