StoneHearth A17 Won't Launch *Solved*

I have gone through the basic troubleshoot program, and dug for information throughout Steam and the Discourse and still have no answer. So this is the error prompt that shows up as I launch StoneHearth.

I currently have half a dozen mods installed that I used during A16, and I’ve updated to A17 My OS is 8.1 64 BIT,
PC specs are:
AMD Quad-Core A10-7850k (3.7ghz)
AMD R9-260 (1.1ghz) 2 GB Memory
12 GB Memory
2 TB Storage

hey there @R34P3R28

could you remove those mods and see if the crashing stops? some of the mods that worked with A16 might not work with A17.

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I had this issue with Settelment Decor mod. If you you this mod, try to update him [Mod] Settlement Decor Mod [Download available]

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Thanks it’s working now!

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