Sticks as a resource

How about adding bundles of sticks as an alternative to logs. Easier to get but with very limited usability.
Where from?
You get them if you cut down bushes or trees. Piles of sticks can even spawn beneath trees at random. When/if weather gets implemented it could affect how much is spawned. If a pile isn’t picked up and turned into a bundle it disappears after awhile.
What for?
It can be used as firewood, though you might need more than one bundle to get the effect of a log.
It can be used to craft items that don’t require a lot of wood, or at least not big, sturdy pieces.
What not for?
Larger items and buildings should not be made of sticks. Alternatively the result is of crappy quality (which might be weird to do with buildings so that’s probably just an alternative for the large items).
But logs are awesome!
Yeah! And I’m sure Rayya’s Children agrees. And that’s why we shouldn’t force them to burn the few logs they have in the kiln. Besides, it makes sense to use sticks if you don’t need a whole log, even if you’re in the middle of the forest.