Steam Unstable: Develop-2795

#Important note to Mod developers
@yshan has made changes to the mod version so all existing mods must be updated before they will work.

Developers, please update the version in your manifest.json to 2. Mods with version 2 should maintain compatibility with older game versions, so you do not need to maintain 2 mod versions.

##Notes from the blog:

Hey everyone, thank you all for your bug reports! We’ve got a few fixes for you on our Steam Unstable branch:

  • Fixes for a variety of party-related errors
  • Hearthlings do not ping pong between safety points
  • Combat tuning: health regen rate, encounter frequency, menace, loot drops, equipment stats
  • Weapons can now scale up during encounters
  • Performance improvements for farms
  • Fix various memory leaks in UI, especially listeners, views, and tooltips
  • Poyo pot pie has net worth
  • Fixed uncaught type error in stockpile UI
  • Remove unused scaffolding objects from the game
  • Fixed issue in the scaffolding renderer
  • Undead names now appear in unit frame
  • Alert UI displays correctly on load when in alert mode
  • Put back red text for incompatible saves
  • Fixed combat music not turning off
  • All tonics can now be stockpiled
  • Fixed error on trying to remove building that isn’t started yet
  • Fix UI issue on splash screen

##Mod Version 2!
Also, if you are a modder and your mod is compatible with Alpha 14, please update your mod’s manifest.json file to:
version: 2
This way, your mod will load properly. Thanks!


Known Issue:

Farmers will be unable to harvest after a load.

A bit more detail: They’ll harvest like one thing and could potentially get stuck after loading. So if your farm items become harvestable, wait until they are harvested before saving and quitting.


For Translators:

  •         "mine": "mining", -> changed back
  •         "dig_foundation": "digging foundation" -> added
  •               "tooltip_healing_items": "healing items and other consumables" -> changed
  •           "description": "Competence at physical activities. Hearthlings with a high Body stat will move a bit faster, attack harder, and live longer. Influences Muscle, Speed, Stamina." -> changed
  •            "description": "Speed Increased by 20" -> changed
  •            "display_name": "Herd Speed Increase", -> changed
  •            "display_name": "[str(self.unit_info.custom_name)]", -> changed
  •            "display_name": "[str(self.unit_info.custom_name)]", -> changed
  •                  "display_name": "[str(self.unit_info.custom_name)]", -> changed
  • (farmer) “perk_000_name”: “Speed Up”, -> changed
  •            "display_name": "Farmer Speed Increase +10" -> added
  • (shepherd) “perk_000_name”: “Speed Up”, -> changed
  • (trapper) “perk_000_name”: “Speed Up”, -> changed
  • (trapper) “display_name”: “Trapper Speed Increase +10” -> changed
  •            "description": "Double stiching and strategically placed padding improves the worker's efficiency. The worker who dons this upgrade outfit will move faster.", -> changed
  •            "description": "A heavy wool coat, for cold winter nights. The worker who dons this upgrade outfit will move faster.", -> changed


lots of new names


Huhu little info for Github :wink: DebugTools and Microworld also need Version2 upgrades xD

debugtools has it already (currently using them), not sure about micro world though

i have checked it and the last update was on 25.11 - so the debugtools just also work with with version 1 number :wink:

well i just downloaded them about an hour ago and they had “Version 2” in the manifest…

ok my issue … it hasnt showed my the update in my list (was changed 3 days ago xD)

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Well, the last update by @yshan was to move to version 2 3 days ago. Looks like she was planning ahead:


Nice to see. :slight_smile: What’s the signifigance of changing the mod version to 2 (besides allowing the mod to load)? I always thought that was modder-defined value, not engine-defined, if that makes sense.

I honestly have no idea…would need to ask @yshan

All my farmers are now stuck (well won’t work), My last save was when they where harvesting and now they’re not even looking at the plots. All the crops are dying and my hearthlings are starting to starve. I didn’t pay attention to them and played for like an hour. Is there a work around for this, or any date for when a fix will be released for this? Thanks :wink:

The only “workaround” was mentioned above by @yshan, and it was to wait until all crops are harvested before saving and quitting. As for a fix, it should be in the next build, but there is no timeline on release (soon is all I can say!).


Yeah I was aware of that, my last save from last night was in the middle of harvesting and I didn’t even realise till about a hour of playing today when all the food was gone and my farmers where ignoring the crops. I’ll just be patient and wait for a fix, Thanks for the advice though :slightly_smiling: