Steam Client - Doesn't uninstall this folder ...\animations when you uninstall the game (Windows 10 64 bits maybe other Windows)

It’s not really a big problem or maybe not i prefer to report just in case.

I’m confused. Where is the animations folder you are referring to? In the Game Directory? What is bad with uninstalling that directory? I’ve deleted the entire Stonehearth folder countless times when troubleshooting bugs, never had an issue (Windows 10 64 bit).

this animations’s folder is created only when you start the game.stonehearth cache this during play time. (load game for example)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\animations
Just in case good to know to delete this for the future even in my MSI i delete all folder after uninstall.It’s not a problem just a comment sorry.

OK. So why is it a bad thing to remove the folder when removing the game?

saved_games and saved_objects are user friendly and not deleted during uninstall and that the good part of this. Don’t touch the user folder :wink:

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And this is just end user friendly comment.Like always sorry if i said something wrong.How to talk english with french brain lol

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Hey again @LaGrosseChoco, wanted to reply again, as I had a chance to talk to @Albert about this issue (a while ago, but I haven’t had a chance to reply). The short answer is that using Steam’s “Delete Local Content…” will only delete files/folders that Steam downloaded (by default). The animations folder is a cache of animations, and can safely be deleted at any time. Stonehearth will recreate the folder upon launch.