Statistics of most used items

Below is a table with some information I gathered in my website

The first column is just an id of each item, it is not important for a human (just for the system)
The second shows how many builds has used that item.
Third column is the total quantity of that item used.
Last is the name of the item.

This table is just the top 25 results in order of most used, there is more below that.

Wood/Stone/Clay_brick resources are the materials of your floor, walls, etc…
Their quantity is in blocks, like a 10x10 floor would be using 100 blocks. But each log (or stone or brick) yields 60 blocks. So this 10x10 floor would use only 2 logs.

We can see that the most used item is the window tall frame (fourth line). It was used in 269 times, around 27 builds (an average of 10 per build using it). The wide window is used in more builds, but in less quantity.
Also, most builds are made of wood, but when in stone material they tend to be bigger.


So, this does mean… we need more window diversity… new types of windows?? :smile:

Nonetheless - impressive stats. Just out of curiosity: which item was the least used one in your table (besides obvious ones, which arent required in larger amounts, like workbenches)?

They don’t quite follow Zipf’s law but it’s still pretty cool :slight_smile:

Well, for a start, this is just a very small amount of builds (125) made by a few players, so these statistics are not really precise, but maybe it is close enough.

Surprisingly workbenches are used a lot more than other items, BarbeQ! I guess because there is a lot of crafter houses in there.

The least used items are some with 1 use only. Here is the list:

  • stonehearth:decoration:wooden_sign_potter
  • stonehearth:toys:plushie_toy_rabbit
  • stonehearth:portals:wooden_window_frame_tall:fine
  • stonehearth:decoration:firepit
  • cookmod:decoration:wind_sail (I will need a way to auto mark a template as modded)
  • stonehearth:decoration:wooden_sign_engineer
  • stonehearth:decoration:blown_glass_vase
  • stonehearth:decoration:decorative_vase
  • stonehearth:decoration:wooden_sign_herbalist

A lot of those items you list as used only once in a blueprint make sense to me – many are decoration items, and the fine tall window is pretty new.

When I’m designing custom templates, I usually leave the decorating for later, once the building is complete. If it’s a late-game house I might add all the trimmings to the blueprint; but most of my building designs are supposed to be flexible.

I learned that the hard way with my “wizardly tower” template (I haven’t uploaded any templates anywhere, but think of a very stereotypical round-ish tower with a pointy roof and a room on the side) – it’s an Ascendancy-styled building, but it has everything from clay windows to fine comfy beds, an Herbalist’s workshop, potions on the windowsill, and even a pottery workshop. When I originally built and decorated it, my potter and herbalist had the same last name so I set this tower up as a “family home”, where each went about their separate careers.

Skip ahead to my next game, and I go to build the tower… oh yeah, it’s full of late-game products, and I don’t even have a potter yet. I tried going in and manually deleting all of the items I couldn’t build at the time, but it turns out that squeezing them in there was a lot easier than getting them back out again lol.

That experience taught me that it’s easier to save a template before it’s decorated. After all, if I want a decorated copy I can easily make one later. I suspect that a lot of other players have hit upon the same idea; particularly any who create templates regularly.

I usually end up adding more furniture to my buildings over time, and by the time I’m building “advanced” fully-decorated templates my starting buildings will be fully decked out. It’s just the easiest way to do things at the moment – create the building first, and add cool stuff to it as said cool stuff becomes available.

With all of that said though, this is still a very useful insight – both for casual players, building whizzes, and the Devs too. Thanks for sharing your findings :smiley:

But… but… the plushie bunny has to be placed in every home… in every room. It is soooo plushie and cute and… wait… I think I have never ever crafted one, let alone placed it anywhere. What is the bunny good for, anyway? Are Heartling-lings even planned? confused

Interesting. So, the signs are the least used items? Surprising, since you wrote that there are so many crafter houses in. Or maybe we just need more sign diversity :wink:
Thank you @BrunoSupremo

I guess those are the least popular crafters, those listed signs are from the potter, engineer and herbalist.
Looking at my main save game, those (plus the cooker) are the only ones without a proper house. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, herbalist and cook are one of the first classes I always have in a game (besides the obvious ones like carpenter and mason). And they receive proper housing of course… whatever proper means :grin: Does a simple wooden roof, supported by 4 wooden beams, count as a house?

I also get them very early, but I do not tend to make a proper work place for them, at least not before the other crafters. I just place their workbenches near a stockpile and its done.
But generic homes (with proper beds, etc.) are always available to everyone.