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So, when I first started playing Stonehearth a number of months ago, one of the first things I did was look at the documentation, on Steam, on the radiant website, and on the wiki. Having now been playing for a while, I have realized how out-of-date the wiki is. Looking at the changelog for the wiki, there have been very few changes in the last 120 days, despite the start (and finish) of the Alpha 11 development and the near conclusion of the Alpha 12 development. As someone who works at an IT consulting desk, I appreciate the importance of good documentation, as it helps eliminate issues before they can grow larger.

Anyway, what I am getting at is I would like to volunteer to help clean, update, and manage the wiki (at least on the English side, I know there is a lot of work being done on internationalization as well), but I am not sure who to talk to about this. Does anyone know the best way to get in contact with the wiki admins when there is a task I cannot do as a user? I know @Wiese2007, @NobodyPro, and @Ecksearoh have accounts here on the discourse, but I feel there has to be a better contact method than this. Let me know, I would like to help more!


At the moment only nobody and i work on the wiki ^^ he on the englisch part and i on the german (when im finding time) … or one of the thousand persons who are volunteer to help and never shown up or change anything :wink:

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Well I hope to not become on of those “thousands.” I am currently updating the patch log. I have listed all the patches in the summary, and am working on getting the detailed page per build up now. Is there a specific place you think I should start as far as updating or adding content is concerned?


Hi jomaxro,

The patch notes have always stood out to me as something that needed to be updated, so I really appreciate your help in that regard. I’d recommend focusing on articles that interest you for now as I’d be surprised if any page has been updated to reflect Alpha 11.


Hey @NobodyPro, OK then. I am going to finish the patch notes page, and then move on to “general organization.” When I took over a wiki at my job, the first thing I found what that there was no “logic” to the categorization of pages, and thus made information hard to come by. I will then start looking at interesting articles I find while organizing.



Alright, so I just finished my initial review of the wiki, and have gone through and updated all of the current categories. Here is what I have so far: (updated 10/18/15)

▼ Content‎ (6 C, 3 P)
    ► Features‎ (4 P)
    ▼ Gameplay‎ (4 C, 22 P)
        ► Class‎ (16 P)
        ► Items‎ (8 P)
        ► Race‎ (5 P)
        ▼ World‎ (1 C, 2 P)
            ► Creatures‎ (2 P)
    ► Modding‎ (7 P)
    ► Patches‎ (50 P)
    ▼ Stonehearth Wiki‎ (5 C, 1 P)
        ► Community‎ (1 P)
        ► Help‎ (4 P)
        ► Legal notices‎ (1 P)
        ▼ Templates‎ (2 C, 7 P)
            ► Documentation templates‎ (4 P)
            ► Formatting templates‎ (15 P)
        ▼ Wiki Maintenance‎ (2 C)
            ► Candidates for deletion‎ (1 C, 3 P)
            ► Pages with broken file links‎ (2 P)
    ▼ Translations‎ (3 C)
        ▼ DE Translation‎ (4 C, 56 P)
            ► Elemente‎ (6 P)
            ► Klassen‎ (16 P)
            ► Kreaturen‎ (1 P)
            ► Rassen‎ (5 P)
        ▼ FR Translation‎ (1 C, 8 P)
            ► Système de jeu‎ (7 P)
        ► ZH Translation‎ (2 P)

That is the “Category Tree” which shows each of the categories and their children. I have not yet gone through the pages within the categories to check if they are in the correct spot, but if anyone notices any issues with this organization structure please speak up so it can be corrected up front as opposed to later on.

Edit: To clear up some confusion, the “Category Tree” is an extension installed on the wiki which allows for any category to be expanded and all of its sub-categories and pages can be displayed. While anyone on the wiki can access it, I do not view it as a front-end feature, meant for prominent display, but more of a tool for the moderators to keep things organized.


I think they look great but on the wiki right now there is a getting started section are you planning on moving it into something or keeping it in the same spot? Same with combat, controls, and concept art; or just merging with with something else… just something to think about

I have started to try updating the wiki! Wish me luck!


So glad to have you aboard! Do you have any previous experience with MediaWiki (the software powering the wiki)? I manage a private wiki at one of my jobs, so I would be glad to give you an into to since of the syntax.

I have not started looking at content yet, I am focusing right now on organization.

For those who aren’t too familiar with MediaWiki, there are 2 “main” types of content, pages and categories. Pages (like Getting Started) contain the bulk of the information, and are put into Categories. Right now there are many pages without categories, and some that are miscategorized. Before I start to update the pages, I want to ensure everything is correctly categorized, and that the system is logical and expandable.

Additionally, many of the pages feature similarly formatted content (like the top of a patch page), so I want to create more templates to hold the data in a way that ensures consistency between the pages.


Okay, stage 2…All pages (English only) have been categorized and arranged, as you can see below. At this point I am going through to ensure that each page actually belongs in the category it is assigned to at the moment. In particular the Gameplay Category seems to have a large number of pages, but then again this is a game…which we play…
Another note, for clarity (and so the image didn’t get any bigger than it already is, I have left out the pages within the Patches (50 pages), Templates (they are all templates) and Wiki Maintenance (pages waiting for deletion), as well as the entire Translations Category (I only speak English :frowning:). Let me know if you spot any glaring errors in the image!


  • Yellow Star, top level category
  • Yellow Rectangle, category
  • Blue Oval, page

And for those of you who prefer text over images, here is the same map as a text outline, sorted alphabetically, (but with no page vs category distinction, sorry).

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Hey there Stonehearth Devs! So in case you did not know there is currently a huge push (okay, maybe just 2-4 people, but who’s counting) to clean up the wiki and get it up to date with the current alphas. I am currently working on the back-end organization of content, and would like some help to ensure I get everything right. My first question for you all is the proper names of things in the interface. Thanks in advance for your help!

  1. Is there a name for the entire interface at the bottom of the screen?
  2. the bar to the left where names of stuff appears?
  3. the buttons in the middle?
  4. the secondary buttons?
  5. the view control stuff?
  6. the performance bar?
  7. the speed controls?
  8. the sun/clock thing
  9. the update things?
  10. pop-up windows like these?

Edit 1) In stream #103, devstreamathon, @Tom mentioned that harvesting is not hauling, mining, or building, however in the current game interface harvesting is the overarching category for gather (trees, stones, plants, etc.), mine tunnel, mine block, cancel task, and clear. Can someone clarify the what “harvesting” is, and either use the term gather as it is currently listed, or rename the button to something other than “harvesting.”

######@Ponder, @tom, @sdee, @Albert, @not_owen_wilson, @brad, @yshan

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hi,@jomaxro @Wiese2007
When I am currently in charge of Chinese translation.
but I have a question to ask questions, I created a new page, you should use what language code? For example, … / goblins page. Is “goblins / ZH” or "goblins / zh "??
They are two distinct yet ??
if I create a wrong page? (Eg: goblins / Zh … etc), how can I delete him?

It would appear that both the German (DE) and French (FR) are using all caps, so I would suggest that you use ZH. If you need to have a page deleted, simply put {{Delete|Reason for deletion}} (replace “Reason for deletion” with the actual reason) on the page and an administrator will remove it.

{{Delete|Reason for deletion}}  

This code, where should I put?
At the bottom of the edit page ??

It should be the first thing on the page. That will make

appear at the top of the page (and add it to the “candidates for deletion” category.

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OK, Now I put the wrong page removed, and then create a new one.
xxx / ZH

Yes. You can copy the text from the wrong page, and make the new page first, there is no rush to add the delete tag to the old page. In any case, once you make the new page be sure to put [[Category:ZH Translation]] on the page (somewhere, top, bottom, wherever) so it will end up in the correct category.

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For example, “goblins” page.
Source code is:

It should be amended as follows:

[[Category:ZH Translation]]


[[Category:Race:ZH Translation]]


Well…you have two options. First would be to use just

[[Category:ZH Translation]]

the other option would be to use

[[Category:"chinese word for race here"]]

and then put

[[Category:ZH Transation]]

on the new category page you created. Does that make sense?

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@Albert, @brad, @sdee, or any TR member, just want to confirm something with you…is it OK for us to pull images out of the stonehearth.smod and upload them to the wiki directly, or would you prefer if everything was a screenshot?