Starting SH on Steam/AMD problems

Good day everyone!

Yesterday, my Steam Application quit working on me, and I could not spend any time with my beloved Stonehearth… a situation, which I don’t have to tell you, was both heartbreaking and frightening :frowning:

Anyway, I have an AMD HD6450 graphics adapter, and neither steam nor AMD have given me any problems up until this point. I realised that my Steam app quit working after I had updated my AMD applications…

For those who don’t know, AMD has a program called ‘Raptr’ (it’s supposed to be this game optimization software that makes your games run faster, look better than ever and will also cure cancer. citation needed). For my money, it actually does none of those things, I never saw a difference in the framerates of any of my programs. Raptr is included in the ‘AMD Gaming Evolved’ package.

Gaming evolved? Not so much…

Anyway, I found that after the Raptr update (14.12 omega version), Steam quit working, setting me in full panic mode. Uninstall it you say? I did, and Steam still wouldn’t work. Now I’m really freaking out.
Long story short, I ended up having to uninstall steam and the amd software, reinstall a known working AMD catalyst Driver (I will cite the version later for those who want to know which one, I use W7/SP1), and the latest version of Steam. The upside is that my steam account is back and Stonehearth is working again, but the downside is all of my files from steam are gone, so I need to start downloading my purchases again.

The bottom line is this… If you have AMD graphics, PLEASE, for the love of Cid, DO NOT Install the ‘Gaming Evolved’ software… I’ve had no problem with Catalyst, but Catalyst Omega is going to cause you problems (at least it did me).

That being said, it makes me wonder if many of the folks who are having problem with SH running on steam may be having compatibility issues, due to mismatched graphics drivers that AMD software has installed over working drivers?

Maybe a wiser soul than I can shed some light on this subject?


very insightful post @mokujin1970, thanks! hopefully it will help some other folks who have similar AMD issues…

for what it’s worth, paging @not_owen_wilson… thought you might find this interesting… :wink: