Starting a mod. is there anyone i can call on for help every now and then?

Hey guys,

So i started a basic mod years ago and abandoned it but last night literally in my sleep i thought of an idea for a mod and was wondering if when i get stuck if there is anyone that I would be able to call on for help? I will highlight with who volunteers my basic idea before i post it here XD

One Question I do have tho is that I will be making a new type of tree for my mod, now when it is growing does it need to have the three size growth sizes? or can i do the smallest two?

Thank you in advance guys, i have always loved the community here xxx


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As far as I know from what I have messed with, the number of models you have for your tree would determine the number of stages of growth it’d go through. So if you only have two, it’d go from one to the other and be done. That said, I haven’t dived that deep into the tree codes.

As for calling on help, I’m not a master like Bruno, but I know my way around for the most part. If you ever have questions, you can always post them here for people to get back to you. At the same time, there’s an unofficial discord that you can try too.

In case of both crops and individual plants you can have any number of stages you wish. Doing them the crop way is a bit trickier but if it’s a tree then I guess the evolve component would be used, in which case it is possible to even cycle through stages because after given time the entity is simply replaced by another one.