Standart Rayya buildings placement

Some Rayya templates are placed incorrectly - while the preview seems correct, clicking to confirm results in flying buildings.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Pick a Rayya template to build. I catched this with “Communal kitchen”.
  2. Try placing it near a cliff. This behaviour was consistent to the particular location of mine, but I couldn’t reproduce it with another cliff.
  3. Placing the building results in it being “suspended” in the air. Lo and behold power of djinni!

Expected Results:
The building should be palced exactly where the preview shows it.

Actual Results:
The building is suspended in the air above the place it was “projected” during placement. The height of this “suspension” is exactly the height of the cliff.

I had to move my building two voxels away from a cliff to place it “on the ground”. The building has no parts sticking out from that wall.
Before confirming placement:

And after confirming placement:

Version Number and Mods in use:
A22 r729 x64

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@MelOzone My only thought is maybe it’s that tree. That teeny little tree. Also, did you try moving your camera angle as you placed it?

Yep, I tried.

About the “tree”, it’s actually a cactus. And I doubt it is a culprit: it has height of 3 voxels while the building was “raised” 5 vx high.

Well yeah, but it COULD be trying to place the house on top of the cactus.

And lol, i forgot that with Rayya’s the majority of the wood resource is acquired from cacti.

Ok, so here is my theory - the preview will display building position based on the floor plate, while placement would use a simplified detection and use the general contour instead.

To test: try removing the roof overhang and check if it still pops up. :slight_smile:

I guess that is the case for all builds, but not here, as his roof is not bigger than the floor.

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When I try to construct a house against the wall it changes place (floats)

Steps to reproduce:
PS: apparently only happens against the wall in some cases

  1. choose an house to build
  2. place as close as possible to a completely flat wall and smaller than the house
  3. after confirming the position the house should float at the height of the wall

I have a lot of saves and I do not know if it’s coincidence but it happens only in the desert map.
maybe this post may be related

ps: please, disregard the pointer position, it was a bug on my recording app

Game Save: (7.6 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods, 0.22.0 release-737 (x64)

System Information:
Windows 10
Core I5-6267U 2.9Ghz
Intel Iris 550

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It is the same bug

There seems to be a few similar bug reports right now relating to building template placement and the edges of terrain elevation.

@Relyss maybe same root cause? Should we consolidate them?

Not just terrain elevation, I can reproduce it with buildings too.

Build a larger building.
Designe a long street and save it as template.
Try to place the template next to the building border.
Sometimes the street will not be placed where you want it to be placed.

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