[Stable_206] The Goblin Chieftain's Son

Encountered an oddity during my first playthrough of Stable Build 206:

As you can see, the Goblin Village spawned with Two Chieftains, But here’s the oddity. The one on the Right is referred to as a Chieftain [Whats-his-name], is slightly larger than the other Goblins, which I can only assume is normal, and wields some kind of glorified rolling pin. Whereas the one on the left is called [Name] Dragonslayer (A pretty fancy name for a Goblin from what I can tell), is the same size as the other Goblins, and is equipped with a Chieftains usual Weapon (Axe? Staff? Halberd?)

Sadly I’m not sure how to reproduce this one. I did get some kind of error when the Camp first spawned, but I wasn’t aware of this oddity until Day 6 (This camp spawned Day 3, I believe)

Me personally I think this is kinda cool actually. I dubbed this bug “The Goblin Chieftain’s Son” Because the Chieftain has a mini-me Goblin to rule along side him.


I would actually like to see some thing like this in game not a bug. Like have family or maybe high ranking commanders who spawn in the camps as well?


or some kind of rare spawn that could show up in your goblin camp that offers additional rewards (i.e. weapon/armor)

Rolling pin, lol. That’s a studded club, voxel style :slight_smile:

(any effectiveness shown in the production of flaky pastry treats is entirely coincidental).