Spinning plates (sitting_on_chair_eat female animation)

Summary: I’m not sure if this has been posted previously (I know it was many moons ago, but I’ve just noticed it again), and if it is already in the works, please delete this thread.

Long ago, when Hearthians would sit down to enjoy their day’s repast, the plates or food item would spin in their laps. I have just noticed that it is still happening, yet only to FEMALE Hearthians.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a female Hearthian
  2. Hunger sets in, and she grabs a quick bite to eat. She notices that there is a nice male Hearthian there, and they strike up a conversation over some lovely savory meat stew and fox jerky.
    3)He notices in horror, that, while his own food sits still on his lap, his female counterparts meal is spinning in place, like some sort of cursed weaver’s spindle…

Expected Results: She gets to eat a nice, placid meal.

Actual Results: Her food actually rotates in her lap, resulting in stained clothing and embarrassment.

Notes: I know this might not be a big deal, I’m just putting it out there that this still exists; but only to female Hearthians.


Version Number and Mods in use: A14 (latest stable, Steam)

System Information: W7, 64bit



Your plates are probably possessed, need to call an expert :neutral_face:
Anyway that’s a strange bug for sure and I’m not sure it was reported before.
But thanks for reporting your plates that having fun spinning around and around and…


Hey some people pay good money for dinner and a show. :wink:


As long as the food is not flying away from the plate that should be good :grin:

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Can confirm. I never remember to post this bug since I usually don’t monitor Hearthlings like Big Brother so I almost instantly forget about posting it. I think this was a bug for a while now, I remembered noticing it in A13.

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I think I wrote a reminder for this somewhere in the forum.

Yes, it only happens for females when they are sitting on chairs (on the floor it doesn’t spin).

I guess it’s not top priority :sweat:

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spinning plates while eating… that is a talent on its own


I just noticed it while placing chairs :smiley:

When a female hearthling grabs some food we can see some odd stuff happening.
First, the item will face a different direction based on the sex of the hearthling. This is easier too see with asymmetrical items. I have an item that points toward the hearthling mouth, but with females it points the other way.
Second, while eating, females will keep rotating the food with every bite. The item is facing a direction, and when she grab a piece to eat the item smoothly rotates 180º. After the bite, the item jumps back to 0º.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait for hearthlings to get hungry
  2. Observe both males and females eating
  3. Males hold their items and eat. Females do it with the item facing the other direction and rotating it.

Expected Results: Girls should have manners.

Actual Results: Girls playing with food

Notes: I observed this behavior with all food items. This kinda ruins items that looks good only facing a specific direction.

Version Number and Mods in use: r572

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I see my post got merged.
So I’m just adding one more piece of info on this bug based on the other posts.
In my case, this is not dependent with sitting on chairs. It doesn’t matter if they sit on it or at the ground, they always hold the item with a direction of 180º compared to males and spin their plates after each bite.


@malley I believe was just looking into this. :wink:

Oh, I just tested more, and it only happens with girls in chairs, for some reason I thought it also worked for girls sitting in the floor.

Haha, yes I looked into this. No idea why the girls were playing with their food when they were sitting in a chair, but now they are just as well mannered as the boys : ). I believe it went into the current unstable, but it might not be out until Alpha 18.


i noticed a strange behaviour and wasn’t sure if it was intentional or not.

it seems, when sitting on the ground, that males eat their food (raw vegetables and jerky as far as i could tell) with their food on their lap, whereas females eat with their food on their feet

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Huh, you are correct. I’ll look into it on Monday : ). Probably going to move both to the lap, but higher than the male’s is currently.

Took a look and it was a couple broken things - but Linda helped me out and it should be fixed now. (But it may not show up until the Alpha 18 unstable release in a few weeks).


those quirky females; just trying to find ways to express themselves