Something not being build due to bad roofing

Before you say it needs to be in the builds not being build topic see below, because the issue is not they don’t want to build it, the issue is with the roofing option. Build me a tower and the roofing is not working properly whitch is interfering with the building
Steps to reproduce:

  1. build structure with multiple layers
  2. place the roof type Stone roof
    3)See how it is not quite right placed

Expected Results:
nice roof that is being build
Actual Results:
Roof not completely build and stalling the removal of scaffolting
Had this with multiple builds in multiple games. Added the most current build that has this issue

tower not (8.6 KB)
Version Number and Mods in use:
release 549 with debug tools
System Information:


just did auto build through debug tools and the scaffolting is completely removed by the villagers. So it is the issue with the roof type that is causing this