Soldiers being in multiple combat party's

I’d like to suggest the idea of having a soldier join in more than one combat party, When managing the defence of my town I create a combat party for each entrance/weak spot in my town. This way I have stationary defense posts for small groups of soldiers.

But when I want to go out and attack a camp near my town I need to move all my soldiers from their own groups into another party to be enabled to command them all togheter, then after the fight I’ll need to rearange the groups again for the defense.

If soldiers could be put in multiple combat groups you can create for example 3 groups of 3 soldiers for defending your town and then create a fourth group which has all 9 soldiers when you want to get them togheter.

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or separate idea of party with selection?

i.e. each soldier can only belong to one party (keeps organization simpler)
but we can either select a single party or multiple ones together (including one that selects “all”) which will allow to give same orders to multiple parties together.

just for discussion though, have not really thought about it in enough detail to make it a suggestion.

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