Solair Refuge , The Solair Empire

Solair refuge is the epicentre of the political and religious life of the young Solair empire, and is also home to the Newly crowned emperor.

Distant pic:

Top pic:

The entrance is on the far right up. It serve has a military and economic checkpoint. All citizen wishing to enter the holy city as to pay 30 gold. A “donation” as the guard at the entrance say to the visitors.

down of the entrance is the merchant district. Made so that visitors and merchant have access to the ressources and products in the same place.

To the right is the town square. Designed so that many citizens can watch the execution and the emperor declaration, wich are said to give courage and inspire loyalty.

Far up is the Orc district. Mined in the rock and secluded from the rest of the city, this district is home to the worshipper of the red Kiln. The emperor recently made an alliance with them and granted their follower the right of worship and residency in the capital.

On the left of the town square is the imperial district. Reserved for the nobles and member of the court of the emperor. it extend all around the Castle surounding the left, right and upper part of it.

In the center is the castle. Home of the emperor and brain behind the second biggest empire, a small court surround the tall building. Nobles like to take a stroll in the park after copious meal in the castle.

Top view of the inner wall:

The peasants work hard to harvest and nurture the numerous plants needed to feeds the capital and it’s surrounding.

The small coastal trading village of Kenham:

This small village assure a connection with the rest of the empire as well as to other allies like the orcs (althought it’s been said they don’t like sailing… or water in general) . The road going to the right leads to the capital.

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Wow, your builds are much more involved and intricate than mine. Awesome job!

Thank you! However it takes a lot of time and, unfortunatly, I have putted small details all over the map but I didn’t wanted to make a wall of text that no one will read.

The citadel is epic! Now I once more wish there was first person mode where you can simply walk among your Hearthlings to explore such great constructions. Great work @NuclearWinter

A first person mod would be the best! Also thank you very much for your kind words. I’m currently working on another map for the lore of the Crimson Empire. I hope you will like it! :slight_smile:

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