Solace Imperium - City of Torrik

A few friends and I wanted to start our own little collaborate empire. Something we could come up with all the mythological beliefs and culturistic things our people do. So!

The Solace Imperium is ever expanding and one expedition settlement that is out to expand the borders of the Imperium is the city of Torrik.

The expedition crew of seven settlers landed by boat in the islands of Kwoi. They named their landing site, Torrik.

However, it wasn’t long before the daunting dangers lurking the area were thrust upon the settlers! Captain Cecily Inverse and Twila Edessa took up the task of footmen to defend the settlement!

The landing on the the island now known as Torrik slowly became home. Its still just a landing though.

In time the settlement started setting up more defenses as well a better supply of food. Word from the main land is still being waited on. However the loyal settlers of the Imperium press on!


An illustration of the settlers departing.


This is accurate. Highly highly, accurate.

The settlement of Torrik has grown in the past month. Supplies have been shipped in from the Imperium main land.


wow, this is amazing! thanks for sharing your progress with us, can’t wait to see what else you add to it!


Thanks! Trying to turn the island into a fort then build some bridges onto the next islands. Also, first play through with mods and I’m loving it…I didn’t think I could love this game anymore!


Looks verry nice soo far :smiley:

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Well colour me impressed. By the way, which mods are you enjoying the most?

A good bit of them, I feel like the Cafe mod and the brewery mod should be staple lol. The decor mod is a lot of fun. The rune mod is cool. Patrol mod doesn’t seem to do anything. I have quite a few other mods running. Want to try the armory expansion mod at some point.

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I love the build, can you make some daytime screenshots too? :heart_eyes:

thanks :blush:

sadly it’s currently somewhat… broken… and by that i mean the armor models aren’t working correctly, all the other stuff is working perfectly fine though! i’ve actually been meaning to upload an updated version which disables the armor, until i can get a fix in of course…

Here is a ton of screen shots from the updates of Torrik! Some day time shots and night time shots.

Just a thing, I tried to add the mill part of the wind mill. Theres a giant hole through every floor with this big colum!


The latest update of the city of Torrik. The settlers have been hard at work turning the once prospering settlement into a full city. With the dock’s completion soon boats will be arriving.


all those lights just tie together the whole city feel of this place. amazing work, can’t wait tyo see what else you add to it!


The next project I have to do on it is the expansion of the city. (Adding more dock-city scape on the windmill side.) From there, I can run a large bridge to a neighboring island that has a perfect mountain to build a GIANT statue of a Solace Imperium Soldier.

However, if I don’t do that, the other two projects I have in mind are:

Boats at the docks and scenery fishing boats.
The Rune Magi-Generator underneath the mountain.

Both updates come with a little story.

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Freind you got something verry nice :smiley: love the designs :smiley:

Congratulations on your city. Me, I can’t even get a house done.

We’re not worthy!!
We’re not worthy!!
We’re not worthy!!

But seriously, “standing ovation”

Brilliant design, my cities always end up as relatively simple forts, I must admit I’m less of the minecraft and more of the warcraft player :smiley:

Holly craps thats looks nice :smiley:

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