Snow inconsistent


I’ve noticed that the rendering of snow on entities is a bit inconsistent sometimes. What does it depend on? It’s even a case with the potted berry bush. The snow appears on the berries but not the top of the bush. I also think that it renders on the back of foxes and then it’s clipping :thinking:


If I remember correctly, it uses the fog of war buffer to render a heightmap, which means the accuracy of snow cover depends on the resolution of the FoW buffer. You can change it in user_settings.json, under renderer, fow_buffer_size. The default (when the setting is unspecified in the file) is 1024. Higher values will give more accurate snow cover but may have performance impact.


	"renderer" : {
		"fow_buffer_size" : 2048,


Alright, will try that out. Thank you!