Smartphone app. More places to raise game awareness

Just thinking of more way to help the game get noticed. What about a small smartphone app? Just something simple, like maybe a “Build you’re own avatar/villager”. Something with the ability to post to Facebook or Twitter would be a good idea. Create you’re own villager, using pre-made parts that slide together. Like different heads, bodies, legs, and accessories. You can then share that via Facebook or Twitter. I’m pretty sure I saw something similar on the android market a while back for Futurama.

Just brainstorming here. Might even be someone here on the forum that is savvy with the android system. Android, or even the Apple store. This was just an idea for a simple app. Someone please feel free to add their own ideas. I think any smartphone app is just another place to get word about the game out.

I don’t really feel like that’s a good thing to spend time on. How many people are going to make a simple character and post it for their friends to see? Pre-made parts make kittens cry.

Let’s not turn this into something social. Minecraft is too social. We don’t want Minecraft social here.
At least I don’t. Too many people is not good and turns a once semi peaceful community of prosperity and great ideas into a cesspool of degenerative and un-helpful people hellbent on causing chaos and flame wars.

So let’s just not.

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