Small (1/2) and Large (x2) Maps 🗺



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giant_map.smod (7.2 KB)
:warning: Place the downloaded file in your stonehearth/mods folder.

When choosing a new starting area, you now have the option to change its size.
Make it twice smaller with the “small” size option, or twice bigger with the “large” size option. (Called Giant in the old mod version)
“Normal” is the old default size from the base game.


I have played with this mod since I found it some weeks ago.

Dude, every time, EVERY TIME, I get the feeling of a vast and unknown world that I can almost reach out to and explore. It makes me want to make a “transcontinental railroad” all over the map, it adds a sense of gravitas to the game, there is so much land to explore.

I must now find a way to get my heartlings some carts and a picnic basket with some tents, the quest for more lumber beyond the mountain shall prevail!


I love this. I have no other comments, just that its great and I love it.


Actually, I get the feeling that this will be really nice for multiplayer. Will have to try it out soon once a friend gets SH.


And after some time (maybe post-alpha) and much more modding, their will be an RTS style map for multiplayer battles.


Great mod, the world is really too small without it, though I’m having a problem where a shepherd will go way too far for an animal and die. Could someone make a mod to limit the distance a shepherd is willing to go?


I think the shepherd animals spawn where the fog starts, so if you uncover a lot of the map it will start appearing far.


Ah, well I play a lot of multiplayer games with a friend, and that explains why his shepherd is always running over to me…


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:

Now the mod allows to pick which size you want (instead of just being giant). 3 sizes available, small, normal (default) and large


Fancy! Well done Bruno :slight_smile: