Simple Suggestions

  1. Edge scrolling. I can honestly say this is the first game I have played that doesn’t have edge scrolling and instead assigns a third key. At least give the option.
  2. It would be nice to know in the various workshop menus to have a list of pertinent Inventory items. Right now, you have to toggle back and forth to determine how many threads, iron ingots, or whatnot to build- very clunky.
  3. Pathing is an issue that could be solved with a priority button. Banished has a very simple way to increase the priority of a build that also resets individual paths. I find my most common excuse for abandoning a game is when my workers stop working.
  4. Shepards need an overhaul. Right now, the Shep plays his flute and the little sheep follow him-no matter where he goes. Once they hit a paddock, this needs to be turned off. As of right now, Sheps are next to impossible to play with as they continual bring pathing errors.
  5. Stacking. Not sure how, but this is a must. It’s silly that my little guys can’t figure out how to stack.
  6. Roads need their own menu icon. It is way to clunky to build roads at this point.

That’s all right now, I’ll keep playing!


I agree in most part with your thoughts.

  1. Edge scrolling should happen sometime. I get the feeling it’s a low priority since WASD works OK for now.
  2. I’m keen to see recipes having information about how much of their relevant materials you have on hand too.
  3. Not sure what you mean by pathing here. As in prioritising orders by making individual tasks in the world more important?
  4. Shepherd definitely needs work period and they are aware of it. It’s really barebones.
  5. I believe the stacking issue is already being worked on.
  6. I don’t mind how they have roads set up now. But it feels like they are just a feature of a building rather than their own thing, which is wierd.
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Did you enclose the sheep pasture? sheep only stay there when its enclosed

Suggestion 7: Laying down a pasture is tedious at best. Select one piece of fence, Position it, Rinse, repeat, over and over again. Treat fences like roads or auto fence a pasture upon creation. Right now, it takes a serious clickfest to create a pasture.
And yes, I’ve taken the time to fence in the little sheep. It doesn’t matter, they open the gates on their own and the error panel goes crazy.

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I concur with the fencing part here. I’d like to see a rapid-fence placement system. Because yes, it is ‘extremely’ tedious to form even a small pasture/fence wall. (A system of “hold shift to place more of the selected item, release shift to end repeated placement”, could work for this, as an extra for the system, it could work for other placeables also! )

Most of the other stuff mentioned is low priority or already in a ‘still developing’ mode. :stuck_out_tongue: Especially considering that it’s still in alpha stage. :slight_smile:

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I would think that having sheep and other such animals want to avoid gates and doors so they don’t force them open would work best. The only time they would go through a gate is if the Shepard is leading them back to the pasture, and once they enter the pasture region, they automatically move to avoid being near the gate while staying within the pasture.

Roads used to be their own thing. Of course, they also had much less choice back then. (A grand total of two options.)

I kind of like how it is now, though, as it makes it much more convenient to build a road on a structure like a bridge or staircase.

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