Siesta for Rayan's children

It would be really cool if you would make a gameplay option. Were you could start a siësta for a surten amount of time while the siësta is going one you can’t control any heartling they will all just sleep. After the siësta is finishd you get e boost or extra morale, if you hier the morale needed for hearlings it would have a hoge impact. I think this would be a really cool way of playing and would defenedly give it another gamestyle then any other race or game.

Its not a bad idea, but I personally would think it would make a better mod.

The point of a siesta, traditionally, is to allow workers in brutally hot climates to rest during the day so that they can work further into the night when it’s cooler.

I reckon that if RC were to make use of siestas, they should be a fairly serious change: RC would become an almost nocturnal faction, and there could be a risk of heatstroke during the day (a debuff which is applied if the hearthling over-works themselves)… new animals which are active at night rather than during the day, even some plants which bloom at night to avoid the desert sun’s harsh rays.

Of course, some jobs simply can’t be done by candlelight/oil lamp/brazier, so those jobs would still have to be left to the “day shift”… but then, the kind of jobs I’m thinking of, such as weaving and pottery, are fairly sedentary anyway so they’re not likely to cause overheating issues.

Still, a siesta should cover the whole population; so this would introduce a new mechanic for RC players to plan around: complex crafting can only be done in the mornings and evenings, or if your worker stays awake through the siesta and thus misses some of their sleep for that day. RC would effectively sleep twice in a day rather than once, but each sleep would be shorter (only in the hottest part of the day and the darkest part of the night)… players have to plan around short, more intense bursts of activity rather than the standard 9-5 working hours.