Show off you're babies (*Pets*)

hey guys, i get a Crested Gecko in a few weeks, he is currently 8 weeks old… and yes… he IS really that tiny :smiley:

They can live up to fifteen years (some even longer… some have been known to live as long as 20, with the origional breeding pair still being alive; as of 2013 anyway)

Here are some pictures a freind was able to take for me at the reptile house


His name is Xilas (Sigh-lass) i say he but you generally can’t determine sex until at least 9 months old lol

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Fun Fact Number 1: They don’t have any eyelids so their eyes are constantly open (even when they are asleep) so they have to lick them to keep them clean and moist

Fun fact Number 2: They have little white-spots (both sexes) either side of the tail base (this is apparently so the male can… umm… get directions :smiley:

Fun Fact Number 3: You can tell the sex this young (as long as you have a 60x zoom or better Jewelers loupe

Does anyone else on this discussion board have any crested geckos they can show off?


i dont :disappointed: but now i really wish i did!


don’t fret they are very easy to get hold of if you live in the states or eroupe, if you want to get one do a lot of research and look at the Pangea forum… there is a lot of wrong info out there! (some of it which can kill them)

Edit: remember, if anyone does get one, you have to be ready to have it for at least 12-15 years

heh, im Canadian :wink:

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I don’t have a gecko, but I have a Newfoundland Dog! (No pics right now though since I am in Spain and my dog is still at home in Ireland :frowning:) Here is a video I have on youtube though, it’s not me doing the talking though. (Also ignore the first 28 seconds, you can skip to 00:28 if you want.)

That’s probably close enough to the states, I am not aware of the whole situation there but Canada borders the States so it shouldn’t be a problem right?


well, it depends, because Canadian winters tend to be cold, depending where your located in Canada. so this could change things with geckos, as they might not all be able to live in colder climates. (then again i wouldnt let them run loose outside…)

awww i love newfies… what’s he barking at? lol

ohhh its a bee lol

SO cute! :heart_eyes:


Aren’t you supposed to keep lizards in glass habitats with heat lamps?

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i think she/he was just trying to say that Cresteds love room temp (23-27 (MAX) degrees (celcius) so maybe she was trying to say how hard it would be to regulate that tempreature?

Is that you newf?? You look bigger than I expected. You have changed a lot since you were a puppy :dog:

Love those big dogs. :dog2:

That is a puppy

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OH MY… :speak_no_evil:

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Awww, such a cute little guy!

I really like lizards and snakes and so on

I find them quite adorable

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he :wink:

[quote=“Graham_Barnfield, post:12, topic:13251”]
was just trying to say that Cresteds love room temp (23-27 (MAX) degrees (celcius) so maybe she was trying to say how hard it would be to regulate that tempreature?
[/quote]well, i was just pointing out that fact, as it could cause problems. though it was more of just pointing at the fact then actual worry.

She’s also a bit small for a Newfoundland. (Just to put icing on the cake)

But enough about my dog, this thread is about geckos.


tisk, tisk, @Newf derailing this thread. :angry:

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haha, no worries :stuck_out_tongue: i will change that actually

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