Shoe prints, instead of arrow

Recently i have noticed that when you go to place an item down it shows an arrow where the hearthlings will interact with it, or if it is facing the right way.

That’s a pretty good idea! But… When I’m placing a gate down to keep out invaders, I can sometimes forget whether the arrow pointing out mean it keep out enemies from that direction out, or if the arrow means the hearthlings need to face a certain spot to work. So, maybe instead of an arrow, why not shoe prints?

Something like this:

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It doesn’t seem to be the interaction point, at least on every object it’s just a handy indicator for some items that are hard to judge the facing of. The spinning wheel has the arrow on one “short side” but the weaver actually sits on a long side to use it for example.

Interaction indicators would be lovely though, they’re in the game Evil Genius (and many more I assume!) and are very helpful.

I’m just saying that the arrow sometimes isn’t clear enough to indicate the position the object is facing (like the gate swinging open to keep out enemies) in some situations. A shoe print symbol would make it easier and more clear to identify the directions objects have to face for the hearthlings to properly use.

I’m agreeing with you :smiley: Just pointing out that currently the arrow doesn’t always actually mean that’s the side from which hearthlings interact. So I think having both an arrow AND indicators for the interaction-side would be a great solution.

I thought gates are universal - as in it’s the presence of a Hearthling to open it, not so much a presence of any AI going near the gate on the correct opening side.
More or less the same topic.

Yeah, footprints but that would look too much like Evil Genius :stuck_out_tongue:

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