Shiny building blocks?

What would it take, to create a block color in the builder which would be using:

  "render_info": {
     "material": "materials/shiny.material.json"

The only thing I have discovered is, that the material is decided somewhere deeper than the palette level.

I’d like to create a palette for gold, silver and copper (at least) which will be using the ingots as building material and render shiny.

That’s a really awesome idea. Metal building blocks would be great. Maybe even something like polished stone would be great. :smile:

I suspect this would run into the same problem as my idea for ice, I don’t thing there is code support for it

@Wouter_Sikkema :sob:

repeatpan tells it more clearly then i can

Hmm… the post is just pointing out translucent terrain blocks. The other stuff relates to water. There might still be a chance to have a different renderer for some building blocks :thinking:

I think kitty did that already, with glowing building blocks.
Edit: Not kitty, this guy here:

Ohhhh :open_mouth: Thank you for finding that! I shall dissect it! >:D

Edit: Oh, I see. Those are entities, not building blocks :thinking:

yea hthats what repeatpan said, entities: go for it, blocks just dont support it as of now. you would have to write the stuff the allows it to do it. (which i at least, cant even dream of doing)

Well, like I’ve said, my information might be outdated. How are the glittering effects for the ores made? If it’s anything with a material or shader, there’s a chance it could work too.

If it isn’t, then it’s something that can’t be modded in by normal means. It’s part of the engine, which is sealed off in C++ land.

In that case it might be possible, since built blocks are slightly different than terrain blocks in terms of definition, and there might be a place somewhere where you could probably define different material maps for your built blocks.

Not sure tho, just guesswork - never delved much into building, I do know that the blocks are rendered differently however, and with more flexbility.

I remember I got a “glass” building block to work once, while testing greenhouse building for glassworks - but it was slightly bugged out (mostly because it was transparente) so you can definitely get shiny materials.

I think that the problem you might encounter was the same that I encountered when making obsidian (which is also shiny/uses that exact shader), which is the fact that for some reason the shine/glow only appears on the top faces of objects, not on sides :frowning:

Which means that larger objects aren’t as shiny unless someone edited the shader to make the shine effect render on vertical surfaces too, something which I don’t know how to :frowning: