Share your Projects

So, I decided to make a little thread for the Elite Stonehearth Discourse Master Race so that we could share what projects we have worked on, are working on, and what we’ll work on in the future.

Projects could include programs, movies, music, computers, games, houses, websites, lasers, etc.

No sharing any too personal projects.

You know I should really make this for everyone instead.

Only allow leaders to post, though. That way they can be jealous of our superiority.

I originally posted this in the Lounge, though I moved it here.


Something like this? I’m still learning how to use blender, but 3D modeling it fun!


It’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

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Yeah, here you can share any project you’ve made, or making, just as long as it isn’t perverted or too personal.

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What constitutes as a project though?

Like something that’s, let say, at least significant, like a nice soundpiece, a small computer game, or even a huge gaming computer.

Is this a place for my prototype microphone holder? That’s a project I think… :smile:

I bought a microphone some time ago (the YouTube-popular Blue Yeti), but it is delivered as a table microphone. So I needed an arm to hold it (to get it up in the air and get rid of vibrations and stuff). But I didn’t know really how I should place things, or what was needed to get things good enough and far away from noise and such… I didn’t want to buy expensive arms and holders without knowing the outcome, so I built a prototype for how I would like things to be. Here are the pictures of what I did and how it looks at the moment.

FYI, the quality became soooo much better compared to using the table stand!

Here is a link to the complete album. I have explaning text for every picture.

One of the pictures from the album:


I guess my current project would be making flash games… except I’m still learning and I’m also not going to release anything solid until I know how to do stuff properly and also have something I really wanna make.

Here’s a little preview of something I’m doing with flash. It’s only an image and is also a single button thing in the game.

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Over the summer Im assisting the clinical research team on this:

Wow, that’s very neat!

Wait, what’s with the weird/creepy holes/stains on the mouse in the picture of the microphone? o_0

Artistic texture? Air vents? Hand sweat drains? Who knows!?

But I’ll need to buy a new one just because of that comment, thanks.

@_@ It’s just that I see faces… That mouse was staring at me…

Working on my Comic Drawing as i’d like to eventually have a web comic…

Also working on a Bard character. This is an older picture, but it’s the only one I have rendered.

the start of a 40k Rhino

And probably a billion other 3D projects…


As well as learning how to make flash games, I’m also learning how to do pixel art at the same time…

Here’s a tree I made:


looks lovely!!!