Seth Ra: Temple of Valour

Hi there again!

We have actually managed to successfully finish building our monstrous monument! And sorry about how jumpy the image is. I moved around and never got perfectly straight again :merry:

This is the final cost:

And a more flattering screenshot of the final product :merry:

What I’ve noticed:

  • When building the sides of the roofs of the tall wall, all builders turned idle except for one, who placed down one block at a time while taking breaks in between.
  • While placing down the first pillars of the tall wall, I saw an amazing thing… The builder placed a ladder and scaffolding on top of the same voxel. He climbed the ladder to get on the scaffolding and then placed down one block. After that, he climbed down one block and built the ladder and the scaffolding one voxel taller. He climbed on top again and placed one block again, and so on…
  • While tearing down scaffolding off the tall wall, the builders actually all stood in the same place and the scaffolding just randomly fell down while it has been flashing with unplaced ladders around it… Quite a sight. I actually have it captured:
  • One of the hearthlings got stuck inside a wall and I had to teleport him out before he would starve to death
  • Especially while building the roof, there had been many moments when the builders just idled. Sometimes the building even had an exclamation mark above it. I guess there was an accessibility calculation in progress?
  • I DARE YOU to come and place furniture inside the rooms! For this is RPG mode:

    And this is RPG mode with the menu for placing down stuff opened:
  • Items disappear after being delivered and placed down. They are still there, but you can’t see them unless in “full house” building vision.

Even though I had built such a monstrosity I have to say these things:

  • Performance-wise was the whole process of building greatly optimized. They went on double speed and the game still had some idle reserve in processes.
  • The experience of designing this temple has been very pleasant. I would just welcome the ability to paint large square areas with the brush by holding down the shift or ctrl modifier.
  • Mining out the resources and crafting them has been fairly balanced in the sense of how difficult it was to acquire everything needed.
  • The celebration after finishing my building has been very underwhelming.
  • The realization that I can’t use the building at all has been almost upsetting.

If you want to visit us, you can do so! SethRa.rar (4.4 MB)

Thank you for enduring my blabbering! :merry:


This is beautiful. Your whole aesthetic has made my morning! Thanks so much for sharing :slight_smile: