Selecting own troops script discussion

(long post ahead so brace yourself)
ps not a native speaker so you might see some mistakes lol and not punctuation so sorry to all you grammar loving people

i have been thinking about this for a long time and i was one of the 1st people to oppose this idea of being able to control individual settlers but hear me out will ya

ok my idea is to implement a code to do this but not make it on by default as in its just there but its not used (there should be no trace of it in the settings menu either because i thing that this sort of settler management game should be played like this (with putting orders and waiting for them to be done and not by doing the stuff yourself)

and the reason why i want the code implemented is…wait for it…mods!

thats right mods! the thing is when warcraft3 came out it was pretty much an RTS but after the modding tools shipped out there were tons and tons of rpgs (as well as other game modes) and some of them were really well made

and with the stonehearth game play module i think that this would open up to very very cool ideas!

just think of all the opportunities the modding scene can do with this one script!
(merchant simulator/rpg/playing one guy in a settlement:like being a blacksmith and having the village/town needing supplies before the great war etc etc…)

just making this script really opens up quite a lot of opportunities for modders (look what happened to dota!)

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Assuming you’re not talking about an API but actual code that would do something like that, it’s a bad idea for two reasons: First, it’s taking away time that could be spent for features that are actually in the game itself and not hidden away (“IN CASE OF MODDING BREAK GLASS”). Second, this dead code still needs to be maintained and updated just like normal code; however because it is never used in the main game it’s hard to do so. An update might break it and nobody notices (unless this is tested specifically too, which is again a waste of time).

Assuming you are talking about an API then I see no reason why this should be included by Radiant themselves. If I remember correctly, the idea was to have exactly no/minimal micro managing in place - so why would they offer an API that allows exactly that? It’s again something that would not be used by themselves but just third parties, again consuming time for development and testing.

If a third party modder wants to create such an API or mod however he is pretty free to do so. The game is very open - probably way more open than any Blizzard game. I’m sure I’m a prime example of that, after all the crimes I’ve committed to the game without modifying any file itself.

hmm i never knew that you can actually create scripts that are not in the game itself…if that is corrrect than my whole post is moot i am sorry for not doing more research on the topic

nothing to apologize for! there have been a fair few discussions around different controls/play styles for SH, so your idea isn’t too crazy… :wink:

if you decide to spearhead a project along these lines, keep us posted… :smile: