Seeeecret update features!

Does anybody else think that radiant plans to release an update or two in which they don’t tell us about a feature or two so that it’s a surprise when the update releases? Anyone? I know this is a weird question, but…

Maybe little easter eggs here and there on occasion, but so far they’ve been very open about what they’re adding or changing and I expect that to continue. Probably when they get to, I dunno, beta or something, and they’re adding lots more game master content, they will be much more vague about what to expect from new campaigns.

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Sometimes there are new files in the game that they don’t tell us about, but they are not in use because they pertain to an unfinished feature, or they still need some more files to work properly.

Normally they tell us the new features that are coming, but they also reserve some minor things to surprise us from time to time. But usually those are planned features anyway :sweat_smile:


E.g. two-headed corn

I still think its a myth…

Like the bleating sheep!

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as @Relyss said, there are certain small things that get added and dont make it into the patch notes, but they tell us about the big features.

that was in the patch notes…

I know, but nobody expected it!

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you and me both brother! :laughing:

have never stumbled across that elusive crop…