Secret Base- A Short Story By Turtlesquish

I have written yet another short story. I wasn’t going to share this one because it really doesn’t explain the broader politics/goings on of the future world I have created, rather it only hints to to the political makeup of the world. In the end I decided I would share it, I am curious to know if the information in this story could be enough to figure out the unmentioned theme. Post below if you think you see the theme/themes. Enjoy

“KG5 to base, we are over point M7i now, approaching base. Are we clear for landing? Over.”

“This is base to KG5, you are clear to land.”

A camouflaged fighter jet descended towards the trees. It was headed right for a dirt road. The earth shook as huge metal piston arms pushed up, raising the road and revealing a runway beneath. The jet landed and went onto the underground taxi way. Above it the road was being lowered. The entire transaction could not be seen from a bird’s eye view.

The jet pulled into its hanger, and the pilot climbed out. His name was Captain John Hollister, and he was one of the air forces must trusted pilots. He was greeted by four security guards, all in full body armor. They checked his ID and questioned him, then they searched the plane. Only after they had taken these precautions was he allowed to leave the hanger. He was not the only fighter pilot waiting underground here. This base was a secret, and the higher ups were taking no chances.

“Gentlemen, the third anniversary of this war is approaching fast. That day will also mark the longest organized war in history, let us make it a memorable day.” Prime Minister Perricone said to his staff. Although the Premier didn’t say it in words, all the assembled staff knew that he wanted a full attack on the anniversary day. The rest of that night was spent discussing the battle plans.

 The big screen at the head of the room contained a very detailed satellite map of the war zone. This map, and many others like it, was their main source of intelligence about enemy troop strengths. It was a fact that their enemy, the Maine-Quebec military leaders, were counting on. 

The tank core led the charge. They represented the best tanks in The Republic of Michigan. They moved south, down the hills, along the river and into the plains. Ahead of them squadrons of bombers were suppressing the entrenched Maine-Quebec army. Michigan artillery emplacements were being advanced to lend their support as well. Between all this the infantry spilled out, adding firepower and flexibility to the Michigan fighting force.

“KG 1-59 you are all clear for rapid take off. Good luck.”

The dirt road lifted, and fighter jets began to fly out with a 30 second interval between each. Some jets flew low over the trees, others flew high to intercept the bombers. The low flying jets swept onto the planes with a roar, their computer systems locked onto enemy tanks. When their pilots judged they were close enough they fired their incendiary rocket pods. Hundreds of incendiary rockets flew through the air. The planes went up in flames. Infantry men were burnt in the same fire that melted the tanks. Hundreds of soldiers would never leave the flames. Then the fighter jets launched precision rockets at the exposed artillery units. Chaos filled the ranks. Soon after a general retreat was sounded.

It was not the numbers which forced the Michigan Republic to surrender. A few hundred men were immaterial. But they lost vital time, and the majority of the Maine-Quebec army were able to cross the plains and reach the hills on the other side. They knew that they could continue to fight. But the advantages were all in the enemies favor, and the Michigan Republic couldn’t risk that many more men on the near impossible task of defeating the advancing Maine Quebec army.

P.S. @BloodW0lf don’t spill the secret :stuck_out_tongue: I told it you on steam the other day.


Good Story I liked it alot! Looking forward for what you have planned :stuck_out_tongue:

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