Scrooge McDuck here

One of my biggest enjoyment factors to Fort-like games is the Scrooge McDuck like feeling I get from hoarding certain things, in Gnomoria it’s generally commemorative coins and jewels, but in Stonehearth I really want it to be well all this currency I have around my fire. What I have is a hole in a mountain generally (sometimes a room) that I guard and have a stockpile for wealth. The problem is my Hearthlings have no urgency when it comes to depositing said coins into the theoretical bank. Some sort of priority system like Rimworld would be great but it might be overkill, as just making the little guys covet those chests of coins like I do would be grand! :wink:

But traps to put in front of the door would be cool too.

I love those little piles of coins.


That would be awesome if we could have Hearthlings view other things as more valuable than others. Maybe even have some GoT style betrayals if they value money or power over saving a Hearthling’s life

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