Scope Matters - stolen from the PA forums

I’m starting to see a lot of “really cool” ideas infiltrate the community, and I think it’s time for a quick reality check, brought to you to by the Planetary Annihilation team and community:

In summary: try to remember that this isn’t a game about complex, realistic simulations of a fantasy city. Above all, it’s meant to be a fun game, and new features must make the game more fun.

Specifically on realism-inspired suggestions: reality is tedious and frustrating, and so are most features inspired by reality. “Because it’s more realistic” is never a good enough reason to put something in a game. Always be shooting for “because it’s fun, adds interesting gameplay, and is a bit more realistic as a bonus”.


Good article! I don’t know if I agree with every bit of the article but I do agree with the overall point; every feature needs to improve the gameplay in some tangible way, not just be a cool idea.