Sci-Fi Concept Models

I’ve created two new Sci-Fi models, no particular mod theme in specific other than units inspired from other video games.

I’ve been hit with a little inspiration after about a 7 month dry spell. Finally finished up the Ghost model and went on to create a certain ship I’ve always been fond of from EVE (probably because you can’t fly it).


(Based off EVE’s CONCORD Police Captain)

With a full sized shot of the first picture sans-Nova here: Larger Version on Flickr. This took me about half a day, using a few shots of the real ship. It was a fun project, though it was hard to pick and choose what detail had to be left off of the Stonehearth version. The EVE model has 4-5 times as much detail, but it just looked too cluttered and noisy if I added more to it. I kept it as cubed as possible, it is about 2-3x human block scale, mostly because I had to make it large enough to make it seem as if the pilot could fit inside. The only indulgence I really took was the two large cables, which although blockish (!) they make up 4 to 5 rectangles which are all rotated to give a smoother appearance. They’re all rectangular if you zoom in far enough.

As far as I know, there won’t be much use for a model of this type in Stonehearth combat. Even supposing there is air combat at some point, a massive 5 gunned interstellar craft might be overkill :slight_smile: Plus combat is slower paced, so it would end up having to sort of hover around. The design could be changed to be both smaller and more “hovercraft-like” to fit that role. Right now it looks like it should be zooming around like a jet. The only reason I stopped where I did on it was because I have lost my voice by making repeated WHOOOSH/VROOOM jet sounds all day.

It could however make it in as a crashed vessel in a module or two…

Ghost Sniper

(Based on Nova from Starcraft 1 & 2)

Pretty straightforward. I started this a long time ago, probably August '13, and I got stuck on it until now. I used maybe a dozen source pictures, you’d be surprised how much Nova / Ghost concepts change over time. No two were alike, which forces you to pick the “major details” that convey the character while also being limited in your detail. I tried to put in a little personality to the poses.

Making a crouching sniper pose was kind of a pain in the butt :smiley: I hope it looks ok. The Ghost unit is probably my most favorite out of every video game I’ve ever played, so this will for sure make it into one of my mods. Maybe I can team up with some other people for a Starcraft Mod. At the very least, I’ll probably release a “Starcraft” version as well as a modified “Generic” version so it will fit into the game without seeming out of place (if you’ve already got guns in play, I suppose.)

I hope we see more Sci-Fi stuff posted eventually, its a lot of fun!


What else can I say other than firstly these are beyond awesome, and secondly, the day a sci-fi overhaul mod for Stonehearth is released is the day I will sit back, shut my computer down, and explode from happiness.

In terms of criticism, I don’t really have any, both models at least at first glance look exceptionally well done.

Feel free to keep me excited by posting anything else you decide to do :smiley:


I was already mesmerized with the craft… which is simply gorgeous!

I then scroll down to see the beautiful model, sporting not only an excellent headset, but a laser “pew pew” rifle with scope!?!

this exclusively made my day… :smile:

Ermahgerd, such models, much good, very self-shame.

In all seriousness though, this all paid off. I love the positioning you gave the sniper, and both models are pretty awesome! :slight_smile:

,======, ~~~~~~~~            Pew Pew Pew!
/ /^^

I suck at drawing Laser Guns in ASCII

Nice work! Looks amazing

love it. the box shape on the ship is very satisfying. loving the poses too. Its a shame you cant get better lighting on the models.

maybe chuck it into the game and do a screenie?

would love to see more!

hahaha… that would be pretty wicked… seeing the Ghost Sniper pose, aiming at a poor, defenseless little bunny… :smile:


Looking pretty snazzy, @Roughshod !

Loving the detail on the ships, and them sniper poses are looking pretty damn awesome.

I’d love to see this be put into a mod at some point, especially when the combat system is introduced so the snipers can be used to their full potential :wink:

The models are amazing! Have you considered making a Sci-Fi Mod?

Thanks for all the positive feedback :slight_smile:

I haven’t yet opened the hood of the Stonehearth files to import any models yet. I am taking the Stanford CS106A course posted on the forums right now to learn some good programming basics then I’ll take the LUA tutorial book after that. I want my mods to be as robust as possible.

Sort of, I worked on an earlier post last year for a Fallout Mod. That would have a lot of futuristic stuff in it, so that would be a reasonable starting point. I sort of get burnt out on an idea after a while so I can’t commit to any mod in particular now.

There are a number of games on Steam as well as some posted on the forum that are a Space-Colony-Survival genre, which I think is super fun. Adapting Stonehearth to that would be really amazing (plus it would probably blow most of the other games out of the water, as much as I appreciate their efforts, their teams are so small and underfunded).

“Perimeter secured.” :smiley:


Are you not a one man unpaid mod team?

Aren’t we all? :stuck_out_tongue: I suppose I should clarify the statement “Adapting Stonehearth to that… …would blow other games out of the water…” was meant to say that if a number of people working together to produce a bigger mod overhaul of the game could do such a thing. Not me by myself. I’ve got a big ego but not that big heh.

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Look at me!

[______|  _ϟ__ϟ__ϟ__ϟ__}====  ≈≈  ≈≈  ≈≈
       / /_)    

Laser rifle, complete with scope!
The scope is pretty terrible. If somebody can make a better one, I applaud you.



[______| ________}==== ~~ ~~
/ /

[_____| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯__/---------´·´¯   ✧✧✧   ✧✧✧   ✧✧✧
      // /-)¯¯¯¯     

How about this beauty?
It’s some sort of Photon Sniper Rifle? I think, lol
I wish we could color text on here, those photon blasts would totally be a sci-fi lime green =/

Whoa now, that’s a bit too over the top man. Better calm down there. I improved mine to meet your awesomeness.

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I have no Idea what you mean ^.^

          ___⌋   ⌊__      
⎧¯¯¯⌉____⌈¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯⌝-----⌜¯¯⌝--⌜¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯⎤   .oO       .oO
⎥  _   ___  _________-----⌞__⌟--⌞________⎦         .oO      .oO
⎥ |_/ /   ⎥ ⎥     ⎥_)     
⎣____/    ⎥ ⎥     

Also you changed yours =(
(But I really like the little energy bolts though =D )

Sorry @Roughshod for commandeering the thread >.<;
Your models look Amazing and I might maybe ask your assistance later down the road for one of my mods :wink: if you ever forgive me ^^;

I have the old one still, shall I have them both? And I’m confused about the question marks. ;D

As a librarian, I like completed and unaltered records of everything ^^
Also completed sets =) those are nice ^^

Also… question marks?

Oh, weird, the "|"s used to be little boxes with question marks inside. Wow, it must be fun to be a librarian! (not sarcastic)