Saving injured with a cheer


  1. Get your heartlings really happy
  2. Get one of them unconscious due to enemy attack
  3. Order to save him

Expected Results:
Injured heartling brought to a bed.

Actual Results:
Injured heartling brought to a bed. With dances and songs.

Version Number:

While I know it’s not a bug, I don’t think all this jumping is healthy for the poor unconscious fella.


do you have a video of this? XD

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Nope, sorry. But I guess it’s rather simple to reproduce in dev debug conditions.

I’ve seen this. Although for me it was more like the rescuer was asking for making way and taking long steps in an attempt to arrive to the bed sooner. I know that for the incapacitated hearthling it might be bad in a real situation :confused:

What are everyone’s thoughts about this?