Saved game loads to blank purple screen [solved]

while playing on multiplayer, my second player logged off and the gameplay froze for a few seconds (normal) but then the whole screen went purple. toolbar, music, day/night cycle and notifications still exist.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. unable to reproduce
  2. restarted game, loaded to purple screen
  3. restarted computer. loaded to purple screen

Expected Results:
to be able to see terrain and in-world objects
Actual Results:
blank purple screen
esc menu does not show up

Version Number and Mods in use:
release 860 (x64) vanilla

System Information:
Asus Laptop
intel i7
8 gb RAM
Nvidia GTX 950M

so, earth dissapeared… the purple screen is actually the sky

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Does the color eventually change with the day/night cycle? It looks like you’re way off the edge of the map looking at the void, which happened to a friend of mine the very first time he joined a multiplayer game way back when multiplayer first came out. If you can open the citizens view and click on a hearthling to select/jump to them, does that get you back to the world?

That was exactly it! Opening up the citizens view and click on a hearthling to select/jump to them zoomed me in from some far away camera angle back to the world. Thanks!

For anyone else who thinks they may have this issue too the color did change with the day/night cycle and stars came out at night.

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