Save file flags don't display properly post Release-687 update

Flags on save file are not properly representative of the Hearthling population. This example has 9 total hearthlings, 1 soldier, and 2 crafters
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Started a new game post a19 update as Rayya’s Children, desert biome
  2. Saved game during Deepmun, 11
  3. Flags show 9 for workers, 0 for crafters, and 0 for soldiers

Expected Results:
Flags should show 6 workers, 2 crafter and 1 soldier.
Actual Results:
Flags show 9 Hearthlings and 0 of the other categories.
Screenshots attached
Hearthling list:

Save menu:

Main Menu:

Version Number and Mods in use:
A19 (release-687 (x64), no mods being used after fresh update and running from Steam
System Information:
I can get this if you need it, but the issue is not performance related :slight_smile:


Hi @FlervaFlerv, do you have the affected savefile?

Shoot, meant to include it and forgot :frowning:

Here ya go! I zipped it to keep everything together. (5.7 MB)


Hmm I can see hte 9-0-0 on the savefile, but after loading into the game the numbers get fixed, and saving again shows the correct numbers.

I hope this is just an isolated issue then :slight_smile:
Thanks for reporting!

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Right you are…had to exit completely out of Steam, but upon going back in and Save>overwrite, it corrected itself…sorry for the false alarm :slight_smile: