Save file crashes the game

2598 x64 build

I just updated to the latest unstable branch on steam. I played for a while, made a house, a bridge, and started making a perimeter wall around my town. I was nearly finished designing it, not at the construction phase, when the game crashed. I have two save files for that town and whenever I try to load either of them the game will crash whenever the loading screen gets to around 70-80% finished. It doesn’t just close or anything either I get the program is not responding error (win7).

I can start a new town no problem, I tried. Just that one save file crashes my game for some reason.

Hello @Shurakai

If you could upload your savefiles to some place, maybe the devs can take a look at them.
It sounds like they are corrupted somehow.

Maybe they didn’t finish saving correctly or something :confused:
Or perhaps is related to your wall design, who knows…