Samus Aran/ Buggy rendering from Quibicle

So I spent almost all day modelling Samus, my favorite Nintendo character of all time, but my render option leaves that gray bar behind. Anyone else having this problem? I still love this model. My second project and I’ve fallen in love with 3d modelling.

EDIT: Here’s the file for you @voxel_pirate.
SamusAran.qmo(13.1 KB)

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Do you mind to upload the .qmo-file to take a look into?

@ScruffyEchidna Seems like the .qmo-file is fine. Every now and then someone is reporting issues which are related to the graphic board. The only “smart” idea I have would be to try to update to the latest driver. Sorry.

You can enter this into the Stonehearth Kingdom Qubicle Contest for a chance to win the Home Edition of Qubicle

Do the submission need to be SH models? I’m guessing yes but it wasn’t specified

anything made in Qubicle that fits the theme!

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