Rooms in Buildings and Roofs

Is there any plans yet about making rooms without interfering with auto-built roofs?

Technically you can accomplish this by making the roof first, then slice-viewing your way inside to add rooms. It is somewhat inconvenient, though. I’d still like a better slice view for seeing first-floor rooms when there’s a second floor on top, but that’s just me…

The deeper problem here, which may be applied to a larger context, is that there are 2 “similar” but still distinct concepts which may be mixed up:

  • the structure “generator”, such as walls, roof, stairs
  • the semantic category of any unit block (e.g. slab).

The generator currently also embeds the category.
This is why some of the visual processing works on the generated structures (e.g. wall using wall tool) and not one you made manually (e.g. a wall similar to previous one but built with slabs).

Until the 2 concepts are clearly separated, or at least allow us to manually mark our slab-based structures using similar categories that allows them to be treated similar as the generated one by game engine, I suspect any other sort of compromise will just move the problem areas around (though if it can be moved somewhere that nobody cares enough, it would be considered a successful workaround)

The other alternative could be: separate the concepts of structure generation and structure category. Allow user generation tools (such as walls, roof etc) so still embed the categories for convenience, but also allow user made slab structures to have similar settings so that a slab made roof can have similar visual processing as a generated one.

Or to the less-required, but possible front, allow generated structure’s category to be changed, or be ‘rastered’ into slab constructs (i.e. abandon the parametric function and just store the results), so that it can be edited/changed as if the user has built the whole thing out of slabs.

What does it means to the OT?
If we had this level of control, you can build the rooms/walls using whatever methods (generator or with slabs) and still mark them so that they will behave as expected. Applies to more than just inner walls etc.