Risko's weapon shop

So since I’ve made post’s a plenty I’ll start posting them here so this is what I’ve posted so far


Alright then so which of these two should I give to Smith? Also I’ll add the other two which I doubt I’ll use but I everybody loves them they’ll be picked 1.

2. Extra 1. Extra 2.


cant wait to see what else you create… glad you’ve found yourself a cozy place… :smile:

personally, i prefer the first gun in your second post…

The first two are my favorites but I like the 2nd more because it look a little better but I would like to be able to make the furnace in number 1 better

Alright made a musket with the furnace that I think looks good, Hope you like it smith

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I made a version with a slightly larger furnace with something that reminds me of a sniper or a powerful rifle for some reason

Is the closest you’ve come, i like it because of the red lines, but i still want my brass piping!

These are all amassing though, I’m so jealous!

So since I finished with Smith’s steam musket if anyone would like me to start a bit of a project of a weapon or possibly a item I’d be happy to since I still haven’t gotten much skill on it in a while. Don’t wanna be a rusty penguin

Lava powered-steam engine that has the lava pumped up by it’s self, because there is no perfect perpetual motion machine.

Steeeeve I don’t wanna only make steampunk things!

Get to work! Heya! Faster! More voxles! MORE!

Come on could you at least ask for something that isn’t too steampunk? Eahh I almost forgot I have the final final final version of smiths musket here

And does anyone else want me to make anything for them?

how about your own take on a medieval sword and shield combo? :smiley:

I’d love to but how’s about a roman broadsword and a tower shield?

I wanted to do a normal broadsword but ooooh I love that roman broadsword

does a bear… scratch that… yes, please! :smile:

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I think first of all I’ll make the shield, that huge amazing tower shield

There’s the shield