Reverse Description [Forum Game / Experiment]

So, this one is kind of a forum game, but also a little… well, I’m not sure. But I do know this is not entirely a forum game. Let’s call it an experiment.

The idea of this is you think of an object (or anything, really), and describe… it’s opposite. Then other users have to guess what the object is!

There can only be a single description at one time, and the user that guesses it correctly will be allowed to write the next reverse description, or pick a user to write one.

Let’s get going! As the first poster, I say… @SteveAdamo can write the first description… :smile:

I’m hoping that this entire thing will get quite… interesting.

ok then, I’ll get this started, on easy street… :smile:

as I gaze at this object on the wall of my study, I see nothing on the opposite side…

Mirror or Picture. Do I win? And If so what do I win?

There you go, Newf. You didn’t quite read the entire thing… :wink:

But did I win? I think we have to wait for @SteveAdamo to confirm it.

I could see an argument for a window, because the opposite of seeing nothing is seeing everything on the opposite side; unless of course you were to negate both “nothing” and “opposite” in which case you would be seeing everything on the same side, which would imply a mirror. Based on the fact that you said “object on the wall”, I would guess the latter, though strict semantics would suggest the former.

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@martyrsvale Your making this needlessly complicated.

but isn’t that the fun of this entire exercise? :smiley:


Lets just say I win…MMMMHHH…What should I describe? I know.

My favourite fictional character is REALLY tall, always wears shoes, has really smooth, soft feet, is a pacifist, Is a really nice, good guy and is completely boring. Who is he?

Steve needs to say you win, sir…

That is what I am using if I win though.

winner winner… chicken dinner… :chicken:


I lose? Awwww. How could it be a window! You said on the wall…

where are your windows located? :smile:

This is where I’m a bit confused. How much of your description do I negate? Do I negate “fictional” and assume the character is real? Do I negate “he” and assume the character is female? Or do I simply negate your descriptive terms? If we were to do the last option, the information, coupled with your British spelling of “favourite” would suggest Gollum, from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, thought otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue.

They are located in holes in the wall.

Sounds nothing like Gollum, Try again. Anyway you won. You get to do the description.

Hmmm… this climate is characterized by large amounts of rainfall and hot temperatures!

The desert? Little or no rainfall, and also very cold at night. :smile:

Benji! I was actually thinking specifically of cold desert climates, but yes, correct in every regard! :smiley:

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Hmm… I pass the description onto @RepeatPan. I feel he could make a very difficult one. :wink:

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