[Res] R-447 Flour isn't stored in stockpiles (lacks a proper category)

All is in the title. Not a bug but all my sac of floor dont go to the stockpit.

here my config of stacking :

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This should probably be under “active bug” - Yeah, in this current dev build stockpiles and stocking in general is bugged due to the implementation of backpacks (see Picking/dropping up Items). Flour is also a brand new item, so it might not be properly categorized for sorting yet.


I found it only works if you select “all” ; it doesn’t seem to fall under any of the subcategories

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Yeah… Moving to Active Bugs. Thanks for reporting!


This was mentioned as part of another thread a few days back. I found that flour was only tagged as “flour” and there are no proper categories for a cooking ingredient that isn’t food.

In Froggy’s cooking mod, he tagged his flour as a plant, which is obviously a stop-gap measure. I suggest there should be a “cooking supplies” category along with the rest of the food filters so that all inedible cooking resources have somewhere to go.


Sack of floor seems to not have any category so cannot be stocked.
From there, the cook don’t take them from the ground if some bread must be cooked.

this is already part of another thread

you can only stock it in stockpiles that have “all” checked. some mods work around this by setting flour as a “plant”, so you could check those as well


@8BitCrab, request merge/move?

Tx @8BitCrab, but then we lose track the bug is still in r447; perhaps you can edit the title to modify the tag? (r2534/r447)

ah yes, thats why it kind of annoys me when people put the release in the title rather then the post itself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Fixed on my machine, and on the latest build.


Flour is fixed in release-450, but there are a couple of other problems now.

  1. Some items have tags that lead to confusion for the player as to which storage they will go into.
  • Wheat Bales are both cooking_ingredient and plant. Probably only want them to be cooking_ingredient?
  • Peasant Bread, Meat Stew and Veggie Stew are all both food_container and refined food. Rather than removing food_container from these, you should probably change the food containers category to the raw food category using the raw_food tag. That looks to contain only food_containers that are also raw_food.
  1. All forms of Jerky have nowhere to go (outside of an “all” category"). You’ll need to add some tags to mixins/food/jerky/jerky.json (although I believe there are plans to make them raw meat that the cook can use later). I suggest going with the cooked foods category for now (refined food tags).

I know this thread has been about food so far, but a similar instance of this is bolts of leather and animal pelts.

Both items fall under ‘Animal Parts’ in the ‘Resources’ category, even though there is a ‘Goods Produced from Bits of Animals’ under ‘Tools and Goods’ that seems better suited to bolts of leather.

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I believe “goods produced from bits of animals” contains things like fur rugs and other completed goods. I think it would be more logical for leather bolts to reside in that category since thread and cloth already have their own category in the goods section.


Is it at all beneficial to have things that can go into either of two categories? For example, so that you can check a row for crafter A, another row for crafter B, and then have things they both use go into both stockpiles?

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IMO One category per item is probably enough since the stockpile interface allows any item in any category to be selected for storage. A category probably doesn’t need to be comprehensive in terms of what a specific craft uses since the player can pick and choose which items they’d like to store at any location.

That’s about what I thought to.

Example: Trapper gathers pelts from animals, puts it in a crate nearby. Later, I can move a full crate over to the weaver area and the weaver can create leather bolts from it. Those leather bolts go into a new box (because it doesn’t have a filter for leather bolts in the original crate) and I shift the original crate back to where the trapper can fill it again.

Example: Crates next to wheat farms set for plants. Fills with wheat from farms as it is harvested and then moved by workers. A Cook is nearby, so he can grab wheat from those crates and then output the flour into a cooking_ingredients crate. Then he takes the flour from the cooking_ingredients crate, makes some bread and puts it in the refined food crate. At each stage, I know where to look to see how well my crates are coping with the stocks (looking in inventory tells you how much you have, not how full your crates are).