[Res] Invisible Goblins? Hearthlings killing themselves?

“footmen uses standard attack”

“goblin voodoo fire uses reflect damage!”

“-10 damage to footmen”

i just imagined it playing out something like that…


It certainly makes for a good story. Because it’s code, hearthlings do only and exactly what we tell them to do. Their capacity for ingenuity (or our capacity for missing things), even within those constraints… is astounding. :slight_smile:


I just took the goblin fire pit from the goblins thinking it looks cool and put it in my main building as a trophy but a while after my two warriors started attacking it. I didn’t want the fire pit destroyed so I gave an attack order in some other area while I told someone to remove the fire pit. I then heard fighting and I saw my warriors fighting themselves. on the task window it said “Runa Tuesday is attacking Runa Tuesday”. I panicked and told them to move. They continued fighting once they stopped moving. out of ideas I change their jobs back to worker and they stop fighting and fall asleep but the task window says “engaged in combat” and when I hit town defense they go right back to whacking themselves.


I also moved the firepit inside my city… WRONG move… everyone killed by ghosts…

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I also had this bug I noticed that the soldiers were engaged in combat with themselves. I demoted them which saved them but as soon as I made another footman they started attacking the demoted footmen

Sounds like it must be something the goblins are burning in the pit causes the hearthlings to go insane.


Ah ha! Thanks to your clues, I know what’s happening now. I’ll post an explanation later when I have more time.


HAHAAHAH +1 !!! awesome comment

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Finally! This bug has been out for so long, I’m glad devs have found the reason behind it :smiley:


I found it funny to find that the campfires were called ‘hypnotic campfires’ in the latest version.


My Soldiers were back in town after a battle with some Goblins and started attacking phantom objects and then died. I have no other context other than they were not hungry or tired.

this will be due to the goblin firepits you have in your town


I still say it’s weresheeps.


But they are so cool looking!!! :wink:

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yes they are, but that doesnt mean there’s not a reason for the name “wicked firepit” :wink:

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This has got to be the best bug I’ve seen in Stonehearth. Those of you trying to take home a firepit made of humanoid remains are indeed causing all the footmen to go insane.

I’ll describe what’s happening, but first a little background. First, when a footman sees an enemy unit, that unit gets added to the footman’s target table (list). Second, when a footman sees an attacker damage an ally unit, the attacker gets added to the target table. (As a side note, when an attacking unit is in visible range, the amount of damage it deals to a unit and allies is tracked by each defender and determines the priority of the attacker on the target table.)

Ok, so now we get to the fun part. This is how your footmen are going insane:

  1. Kaven, the hardy footman, sees the wicked firepit on a raid to the goblin camp. The firepit is added to Kaven’s target table.
  2. You, the crafty player, decide that a wicked firepit made of skulls would make a cozy decoration in your village. A worker picks up the firepit and brings it home as a ‘trophy’.
  3. Moving the firepit causes its ownership to change from the goblin to the player.
  4. The firepit is still on the Kaven’s target table. Kaven (and any other allies from the raid) move to attack it when it is in range.
  5. The firepit is now owned by the player, so damaging the firepit causes Kaven to be added to the target table of everybody else in visible range (including Kaven himself).
  6. Kaven goes mad and starts attacking himself because Kaven is on his own target table. Kaven is also on everyone else’s target table, so footmen Jo and Ike move in to attack.
  7. Damaging Kaven causes Jo and Ike to be added to everyone else’s target table because Kaven is an ally.
  8. You can quickly see where this is headed. The insanity is a virus. Seeing your ally damage an allied unit causes you to attack that ally. Damaging that ally causes you to go insane and also makes everyone want to attack you. When they damage you they also go insane, and the cycle continues until everyone is dead.

We should seriously just leave this in the game as a lesson to those of you trying to steal firepits made of humanoid remains ;). Despite my better judgement, the bug has been fixed and will be in the next patch.


Aww, I was really hoping it could stay in as a feature and put some in-game storyline/backstory to it.

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This was a good bug… We all learnt things from it :confused:
Life of a Software Engineer — Bob Ross on bugs


Well, you can still steal the firepit in Alpha_10_5_3… I guess I’m not seeing my guys kill each other tho, so I got that going for me.

I did see a goblin try and get into town and disappear in a puff of smoke though. Right after another one died and this bug happened.

Then we’ll move this one to resolved, and you can open a new one for that bug.
I’ve never seen goblins disappearing like undead, without you touching them. :confused:

Edit: I made a linked topic (couldn’t think of an appropiate name)