[Res] Carpenter stuck in a hill - Alpha r14

When I was playing last night I had set up the carpenter workshop about 4 tiles(about 4 times the distance of the width of the carpenter stump in distance) away from a small rock hill. She was fine for 10 minutes and was happily crafting things when I noticed I could not find her and in the notifications menu she was complaining of starving. I checked the map and could not find her until I zoomed into the hill and realised she was inside it and she had no way out. Whoops! I do have a screenshot which I will upload later when I am home, and I have not tried to replicate the bug.


welcome aboard @douglas_bright! :smile:

thanks for the report, and yes, that screenshot will help immensely… for future reference, please use the suggested format available here… or, feel free to head over to curse and submit your report there

No worries Steve, at work at the moment. I hadn’t seen the bug report format so I will repost in the next hour or so,

Steve… you were even cheeky enough this time to use my word ‘here’ when sending people to right place

Huh. My girlfriend had the same issue get first time playing. This was before r14, but I can confirm I’ve seen it happen as well.

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