[Res] Alpha6 r153 - No location information on map screen



Bug: no info when choosing location to deploy to

Previous builds have had a display showing the stats for an area before you deploy

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create new game, load map
  2. look for a good place

Expected Results:
See information regarding the location about it’s wild life and vegetation.
did not see anything in notes about this being removed

Actual results:
See no information about location resulting in picking blind.

Can’t load image as I’m a new user

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hey there @noizes… welcome aboard! :smile:

feel free to provide a link, and we can embed the image for you … :+1:

seems simply enough to reproduce/confirm though…


Bumping to confirm this.

Mind you, I think the plan is to massively revamp that entire screen eventually, but there we go.


Can confirm this as well! With a screeny! :smiley:

Rerolling doesn’t help!


haha, nice! :+1:

i meant to tag this one earlier, as I experienced it as well…


Haha yeah, it’s hard to miss! I was making a thread of my own and this one popped up, so I was prepared for bugbattle with my screeny!


This is fixed in r156.


it is indeed! :+1: