[Res] Alpha 10.5 - Can't save at all (workaround - turn off shadows)

I can’t save the game at all in version 10.5
I don’t have any previous save game.
here’s the screenshot: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Tried running as admin and with 32bit… even tried compatibility mode.
It just feels like a waste of time if i can’t save it at all!

See if you can post on imgur.com or a similar image sharing site and link it here. One of the forum leaders will be able to insert it for you here.

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Having a look around the forums, it looks like some others have had a similar bug preventing them from saving.

They found that turning off the shadows in the game settings actually solved their problem. Not optimal, but maybe it’ll get you going for now?

It that doesn’t work out for you, can you give us some details about your computer? The operating system and the graphics card are especially of interest.


oh great that works!!

Thank you so much.

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Welcome to the forum, @Michael_T :smile:
I’m glad that the workaround that @Tuhalu mentioned is working for you.

Despite this, I find it weird. I recall some vague explanation somewhere, but I can’t find it, so I’ll tag as resolved for the moment :confused:

It’s possible Michael_T can play with some shadows turned on. He’ll have to experiment to find out.

I’m not fully up on how openGL works, but it looks like they are using it to run the games rendering engine. The error is with a frame buffer object whose name is GL_FRAMEBUFFER_COMPLETE_EXT in openGL. Basically a chunk of data in a certain format used by graphics cards. You’ll notice a referral to that in the error message.

Graphics card differ a lot in how much data they can handle at once. There is always a limit to how many frame buffer objects any given graphics card can support. When a game tries to use more objects than the card supports, bad things happen.

Having said all that, I couldn’t even guess why it is only a problem when saving.

Edit: Actually, the game takes a screenshot of the game when saving. Which means some extra graphics grunt. That is probably why.

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