[Req] Possible artist

Hey so I’m trying to plan ahead and find an artist whom I may inquire at a later date for graphical assistance.

Simple aspects i’m looking for is

  1. Must have their own art style (something that sets them apart from other artists)
  2. Willing to answer questions and work with me to make sure everything is done right
  3. Willing to do a multitude of work from logos, twitch work, and, optional but a bonus, youtube work
  4. Accepts USD as payment

If you yourself are not an artist who can fill any of the aspects then don’t be afraid to ask someone you do know~

do you work under the stonehearth development team?

No I do not lol My name comes from almost 2 years ago I used to help alot of people on minecraft servers and I was a server Technician and while I was helping people and the server my advice, support, or work was not always 100% perfect hence the “Derpy” part; Ever since then I have used the name TheDerpySupport where I am allowed