REPEATFEED RᴇᴘᴇᴀᴛFᴇᴇᴅ RepeatFeed


Do you plan on release this as a mod anytime in the future?


the invention of the wheel… internal plumbing… sliced bread…

all pale in comparison to this… chooochoooooooo!! :smile: :+1:


Nope. Not until beta at the earliest


Any ideas on the sounds for the mod? I personally want to get into sound mixing myself, but I’m still in an early understanding of it.


We’re looking into a variety of choo, huffs and puffs, toot toot, toooeeeoooot, eeeeeeek and pouff. That aside, we haven’t really settled for any sounds.

SFX is hard. I think nobody in our current setup has any real experience with it. It’s something that’s filed as “Extremely important and really required, but not achievable at the moment and therefore delayed”.


Since that started happening, it’s always annoyed me. I already know when the last comment was written due to Discourse’s formula, and if it’s happened a while ago, Discourse won’t give me the exact date or days ago, so it doesn’t care, so I don’t care, so I don’t need to know what exact span of time has passed. And if it has happened recently, I can very well calculate the span of time myself if I really wanted to, but I don’t need to because I don’t care.

I was going to say something important before I started this rant, but now I don’t remember. Uh, nice train, I guess?


Cursor over those text fields will reveal the proper date in a rather stupid formatting though. I’ve made a UserJS that forces Discourse to use the normal European 24h date format, which is so much nicer:


Working with the most recent version of Stonehearth is incredibly infuriating. In Zulser, items transported by conveyor belts suddenly turn invisible once they’re unwrapped from their “conveyor container”. In the train mod, items are suddenly falling through the waggons again - something that I’ve managed to get under control a long while ago after hours and hours of testing and adjusting numbers.

I think it’s time for a longer break from modding Stonehearth. I think I’ve finally reached the boundaries of what is possible, in terms of whatever I want to do now is simply not doable with the current state of the API/documentation/support. At least, not without tremendous effort that just cannot be justified.

In other news, I would like to share the most intense YouTube video you’ve probably seen all week. Don’t judge it merely by the thumbnail. As a disclaimer, contains flashing lights. A lot.


Wow, that was pretty intense.

I hope you return to modding someday and continue to do amazing things. Good luck!


Whoever finds an appropriate name for this show will receive exactly 1 (one) like from me on the post stating said submission.


The Twilight show…


I did try to keep it as a surprise, but as I’m struggling to find a proper soundtrack I thought I might as well try this “crowd source” thing.

For no particular reason whatsoever, I’m looking for a 70s disco themed song. I have a few in mind, but can’t use them due to copyright and/or unsuitable lyrics.

Some music pieces that I think would fit/are heading in the right direction:

I’ve tried a bunch of search engines (most of those listed on the CC site) but couldn’t come up with anything decent. Apparently “Disco” nowadays either means “hardcore dubstep trancemix metal techno” or “Here’s a remix of the 15600 best Disco songs from the 70s!”.

So if any of you happens to know a soundtrack which aims in that direction and that is free to use in public (public domain, almost any Creative Commons license or similar), at least on YouTube and ideally for re-distribution too, leave a reply here or shoot me a PM.

If someone finds something that I can work with, I’ll pursue this project further. Otherwise, it’s dead before it even begun, kind of.

Why is it so hard to find music talent. Seriously, it’s nearly impossible to walk three meters on the internet without stumbling over three web designers, two graphical artists and twenty programmers. But any reasonable musician?


DISCO: Dubstep Is So Cool, Oh yeah!

I'm usually a big fan of Kevin MacLeod's music - most of it is licensed under CC By 3.0. One downside: some of it does show up on YouTube quite a lot to the point where I can recognize it. That doesn't seem to be as much of a problem with his "Disco" collection. But it may still be too

[quote=“RepeatPan, post:152, topic:11079”]
“hardcore dubstep trancemix metal techno” or “Here’s a remix of the 15600 best Disco songs from the 70s!”.
[/quote]for you. You’ll just have to see.


I’ve looked at McLeod’s music of course, but nothing really fits that… disco vibe I’m looking for. When I’ve said “Here’s a remix of the 15600 best Disco songs” I was more talking about those three hour long songs that just have one song after another with some blending in-between. I’m fine with actual remixes of existing songs, as long as they fit the license business! :smile:



Redirect all complaints to @Atralane.


I just reread this thread and found this:

What have you done, @RepeatPan redirecting complaint @Atralane?


There we go, fixed it. Thanks.


Hey, don’t look at me. I suggested the Zelda beeping, not the Pokémon ‘bing-bong’ warning. You have yourself to blame for that.


Let’s just go with a high-pitched hum from nowhere in particular and call it done. :yum:


Let’s share a few screenshots from development.

So this is where we’ve started, roughly, using the arctic biome as a starter:

The floor is white but that’s about it. The next change that we’ve wanted to do was about the time. It’s winter, which means it’s cold and dark and we somehow wanted to show that. This was the first, over-the-border attempt:

To get the proper effect done, I had to mess with the client renderer for the sky. There’s a JSON binding for those now, frostfeast overrides them to make the atmosphere more gloomy, including the sky. However, you can get really fancy with that, if you wish to do so:

In a nutshell, mods can add their own “celestial light sources” if they want to, or override the system altogether just with mixintos/overrides. As of this writing, the best gif + sound combination I can possibly come up with would be this one (step beyond). All done with JSON only.

Meanwhile, @Froggy worked on the snowy models. The first one was the berry bush and together with the biome and some light adjustments, it started to look “right”:

Quickly after that we had the basic starter set of wintery models on our little mini_game microworld:

Of course, it can’t be day for 16 hours and night for another 8, so I’ve had to do a slight adjustment to the clock. Thanks to the new override-nothing-equals-injection rule, it was rather easy to trick Stonehearth into thinking that the clock had really 16 night graphics instead of only 8.

After that, the encounter for the presents was done. It’s based on the returning trader, but expanded to allow an optional objective to be completed, to reach an optional reward instead. Because we didn’t have the better presents yet, I’ve just told the encounter to spawn 50-100 presents instead. Pillaring piles of presents happened. Visible in that screenshot is also the bits of the warmth testing around (look at all those lanterns. We didn’t have heaters back then).

Onto hats! Of course, things had to go horribly wrong at some point when working with hats. They did. The hat system is actually an equipment system, it allows an equipment component to say “whenever I am equipped, switch model X with model Y”. This way, we can avoid issues with clipping hair or similar, we can just say "replace lots_of_hair.qb with bald.qb" and when the hat is taken off again, the model is switched back. It’s not perfect, i.e. if two things try to change the same model, it will backfire horribly, but when talking about models in general there’s things Radiant could change to ease that - for example, hair could become an own model variant.

In the end, you’ll only need to define one or two new head models per existing head (“hat approved heads”), create a bunch of hats, a mixin that says “map this hair-head to that bald-head” and you’re good to go: Hats.

If you want to add a new head, you’d likely want to create three head models (instead of one), and then mixin your model into some dictionary of some sorts. The hat system in frostfeast isn’t quite as advanced - it’s possible for you to add your own hats, of course, but it’s a bit restrictive otherwise. I’ll probably revisit equipment decoration at some point and make it better with a proper system, once I’ve got time.

Eventually it was working and after tweaking a bit with some graphical settings, I’ve managed to make the first screenshot that I think is really pretty. It’s really nice that this kind of stuff can be done with only the engine.

The chimney system (called “shapeshifter”) is actually really cheaty. It’s able to spawn children, or change its model variant, based on a set of rules. In Frostfeast, we use two of them: The oven is changing its model variant when facing a wall and the chimney is spawning chimney stacks until it’s reaching the sky (but only up to 40 blocks). This allows “realistic” chimneys even in underground caverns, or in houses. Of course, at the beginning, things went wrong - hooray floating point numbers. Onto infinity and beyond!

But it worked, more or less, and it’s actually crazy what kind of stuff this allows.

At some point, I’ll probably revisit this and make it a standalone thing, but only for chimneys. The current system (spawning entities recursively) could be optimized, with advantages and disadvantages alike. For the time being, it looks decent and it works. Polluting the air has never been more organized.

All in all, I didn’t have much time to spend on this so a few things weren’t done completely. For example, I would have loved to have some sort of ice on the water - you can actually find bits of the code in frostfeast, but unused - or make the chimneys a bit more optimized, things like that.

It was a fun, albeit a bit stressful journey. So thanks to all of Radiant for their help with feedback, implementing new things, fixing bugs and organizing the whole thing, and of course to @Froggy, who really did about everything but the scripting (and the new clock. I’m proud of the new clock. Don’t anyone dare criticise that.)

On an unrelated note, I won’t bait @Froggy with that stuff in the future.