Repeatable Harvest Zones

This area operates like a regular harvest zone except that it remains a zone after being placed, and will check every in-game hour to see if there are any new harvestables to flag.

This is useful for things like Berry bushes, silkweed, herbalist flowers, etc. This is also useful for tree-farms - designate an auto-harvest area and plant saplings in them as soon as they are available to be queued for harvest as soon as they are placed. (Yes, not as efficient as waiting until they mature, but sometimes what you way anyway.)


I really like this idea other then the tree farm bit.

Eh, yeah, but that’s less part of the suggestion and more an implication of how it would work. Currently the game lets you place harvest zones that immediately flag everything within them and then the zone removes itself - this is the same tool, but this zone doesn’t self remove and then re-applies the “Harvest” action every hour.

I believe that this would be the easiest way of implementing the idea, and honestly, it would still be useful even though you don’t get the tree to fully mature before chopping down. If you want mature trees, do it manually like you already do.

Sounds like a good way to do it @Josh_Patton :slight_smile: I personally love the tree farm aspect! The berries, silkweed and flowers is more needed in the early game before the farmer can grow them, but none the less it would open up for some mountain bases i think. Its so annoying that we cant really live on the mountains, because of the food issue that comes with it…

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