Render Scale Block Size?

I recently started to create some models for Stonehearth and i experiment with all the different files pretty much atm to see what each things does.

I found that for example the fox has this thing “scale”: 0.12"
by adjusting this value i could shrink or make them bigger but there is nothing such as Scale for the Trees that i found so

What i wonder is how can i set the Scale of the Blocks for example the Medium Oak Tree?

  • How can i change this?
  • Are they set to scale 1.0 by default?
  • if they are 1.0 by default then why does berry bushes much have a lower scale on the blocks but no scale value to -
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In both the trees and the bushes, the scale comes from a mixin (similar to a parent class, if you’re familiar with OOP). For trees, it’s stonehearth/mixins/tree/tree.json and for the berry bush it’s its ghost form stonehearth/entities/plants/berry_bush/berry_bush_ghost.json.


Thank you very much gonna have a look!

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